• Aries

  • The planet of chaos and opportunity, Uranus, is in your house of ego and self-image. You have many options to explore this week. You may argue that none of them is ideal. Examine a situation that feels not quite right. Can it be reshaped to suit you better? Or can you alter your life slightly so it works better for you? If flexibility is the key to fulfilment, vision is the door handle.
  • Taurus

  • This week you have four influential planets — jolly Jupiter, loud Mars, attractive Venus and curious Mercury — hovering around your part of the solar system. There is a lot of seductive energy around you. This brings out your sensual side. Romance and love will be hot on the agenda. Therefore the speed at which things move will go up a few gears and you will find yourself being drawn to someone irresistible at a great pace.
  • Gemini

    The egocentric sun sends you a cosmic energy boost this week. Ever consider writing a film script about your life? Now is definitely the time — the events of your life would make fanciful fodder for others to view in wonder and awe, not to mention your objective self. Creative levels are escalating, as is your desire to express yourself in a dynamic way. On the love front, excitement and intrigue follow you closely wherever you go.

  • Cancer

    You have the planet of transformation and reinvention in your opposite zodiac sign. This is a potentially intense time for you as some of the fears which you’ve been trying not to think about start to demand your attention. That’s the thing with ignoring your fears. They don’t go away. Star tip: look at what you’re so scared of and ask yourself what was happening in your life when the fear developed. The answer is within you.

  • Leo

    Four major planets, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, all play around in your astrological career sector. Emotionally and physically you are raring to go and will probably be feeling on top of the world. However, your judgment is likely to be poor this week. No matter how attractive propositions seem, weigh them up carefully before taking action, particularly if big business or heavy expenditure is involved.

  • Virgo

    You have the cooperative and sensitive moon zooming through your first house of instincts. You need to ensure you don’t become too emotionally blinkered or swept away by the crowd. Keep an ear open for advice from trusted allies. These people will keep you safe and prevent you from being caught up in political dramas too fast. On the love front, there are too many freaks, not enough circuses.

  • Libra

    With staunch Saturn in your house of ego and self-esteem and anal Uranus in your opposing zodiac sign, don’t push it! Taking the initiative this week simply won’t pay off. It’s best to relax and let the week pass as it will. You could tackle some of those little jobs you are usually too busy to contemplate, such as sewing up the hem of a skirt or slacks, repot a favourite house plant and tidy your drawers.

  • Scorpio

    You have imaginative and creative Neptune, the merman of the zodiac, in your house of love and entertainment. Take advantage of this Neptunian mood and go out and enjoy yourself. Take a hike or go to the seaside, play football with the boys, entertain a few friends to dinner or go out to a party or disco. On the love front, don’t face reality — let it be the place from which you leap.

  • Sagittarius

    Unpredictable and chaotic Uranus is messing about with your love vibes. Try to curb impulses or you’ll regret it later. This prankster sends out mixed messages in your house of love. It would be best to find a practical and suitable outlet for your physical energy such as digging in the garden or sawing some wood. Get some exercise by playing the flute or taking the dog for a run. Just keep away from other people.

  • Capricorn

  • The planet lord of the subconscious underworld, Pluto, is in your house of the self. Should you be active or passive now? In trying times, it’s often best to do nothing. When you stand back, it becomes easier to see what’s going on. But there are moments when the opposite applies. This is such a time. You may feel like a small cog in a big machine, but if you refuse to turn, you’ll exert an immediate influence.
  • Aquarius

    This week there will be a few sudden changes and annoying disruptions to your well thought-out plans at work. Your ruler, Uranus, ploughs through your house of communication and mental processing. You will definitely find a cosmic channel to send your psychic waves through the ether. Use positive affirmations and focus so you can watch the holograms materialise — physical proof is not important.

  • Pisces

  • Your dreamy Machiavellian artist ruler, Neptune, swims around in your house of self-image and ego. On the love front, don’t attempt anything that requires too much effort with another real human being. You should instead simply surf the net and look up some porn. On the work front, don’t judge anything based on what it is right now — consider how it could change. The cosmos is on your side.

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