WITH the Boxing Day release of Disney’s new movie Frozen, it stars openly-gay actor Jonathan Groff as the animated studio’s first out-gay actor to voice one of its lead characters.

Groff plays Kristoff, a reclusive mountain man who is raised by trolls and is best friends with a reindeer called Sven, who falls in love with princess Anna (Kisten Bell) on their quest to save their kingdom from a magically created winter.

In an interview with Out Magazine Groff spoke of his character: “He’s not like your typical, skinny-legged jeans, Disney prince … He’s a little thicker, he’s got my thighs.”

Known best for his roll is Glee, Groff also spoke of growing up with Disney movies.

“Aladdin came at the right time for me; when I was a little boy, and you had this scrappy, leading man that was funny and adventurous,” he recalled.

“Growing up, I used to be alone in my bedroom acting out Disney characters and doing the job is the same thing, except this time, it’s actually for a Disney movie.”

Groff will also star in s new HBO show, Looking, about a group of young gay men living in San Francisco.

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