JOY 94.9 president David McCarthy will speak with beyondblue chair Jeff Kennett on air to discuss fractured relations between the LGBTI community and the depression initiative.

The interview has been pre-recorded and will be played on the LGBTI radio station at noon tomorrow.

This week JOY has distanced itself from claims it will run a charity event to rival men’s mental health fundraiser Movember.

JOY met with Movember chief operating officer Jason Hincks and beyondblue deputy CEO Dr Nicole Highet on Monday following newspaper reports the station would back a rival Homovember campaign in protest at Kennett’s comments on same-sex parenting.

The Homovember campaign has been pushed by JOY presenter Doug Pollard and LGBTI mental health advocate Rob Mitchell.

McCarthy said the station had not officially endorsed Homovember and that JOY, beyondblue and Movember would work together to improve mental health campaigns for gay men.

“Feedback from our members has been they wanted to see greater initiatives from Movember and beyondblue to address gay men’s health and GLBTI health,” McCarthy told the Star Observer.

“So we wanted to meet with them … because at the end of the day,actions speak louder than words.

“We need to look at the bigger picture, and while I understand those people are serious and committed to those campaigns they are running, we’re not going to run Homovember. We believe engaging with these organisations is going to get the best outcome.”

McCarthy said the station would work with Kennett, who has repeatedly made negative comments about the gay community.

“I can tell you that Nicole [Highet] indicated to us that Jeff is very supportive of this initiative, in terms of three organisations working together, and I only see that as a positive,” he said.

“The reality is [beyondblue] is committing to us now. If we have any discussions we need to have with Jeff, I can assure you we’re going to be having them,” he said.

“I expect, as president of JOY, to be having a number of discussions with Jeff over the coming weeks and I look forward to that and I’m sure they’ll be interesting discussions but at the end of the day … I’m focused on getting some good outcomes.”

Mitchell has vowed the Homovember campaign will go ahead without JOY’s support because beyondblue was not doing enough to help combat depression in the LGBTI community.

“It will go ahead one way or another. We want to use this opportunity to show the high level of mental health issues in the GLBTI community,” he said.

Pollard said he had handed Homovember over to Mitchell.

“Homovember began as a joke … My idea was to raise funds which we would then give direct to the same causes Movember supports — prostate cancer and male depression — but cut beyondblue out of the loop,” he said.

“I thought it would be a neat way to demonstrate the value of the LGBTI contribution to Movember and beyondblue compared to the meagre return our community receives.”

The Star Observer understands moves by Pollard and Mitchell to push Homovember have angered the JOY board. A JOY board member, who asked not to be named, said the station would review its social media policy in light of the controversy.

Pollard said his comments about Homovember were made as an individual and not on behalf of the station.

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