The least surprising news of the week is not John Howard and Peter Costello’s troubled marriage of inconvenience, it’s that the gay brother of the world’s biggest gay icon thinks gays can be annoying sometimes.

Confused? Well, Chris Ciccone (a.k.a. Madonna’s gay brother Chris Ciccone) has done an interview with Attitude magazine lamenting the rampant obsession with his sister. He can’t, he says, talk to dudes in bars without playing 20 questions.

A fan doesn’t put me off, it just annoys me when the questioning continues, he tells Attitude, according to UK.

Sometimes I’ll meet a guy at a bar and they won’t stop talking about her. After the eleventh question, I’ll say, -˜That’s enough.’ I’m not her. Call her up. You want to ask her that question, call her up. Give me a fucking break.

Talk about mixed blessings -“ imagine being Chris Ciccone. Yes, gay men would find you fascinating. At least when you were talking about your sister. And gay men would want to sleep with you -“ but would it be you they were really sleeping with?

Would they want to do Truth Or Dare role-plays, and might they accidentally call you their Material Girl? How many times could you handle hearing an I’m in bed with Madonna(‘s brother) gag?

No wonder he occasionally cracks the shits. Aside from the huge fascination with all things Madge in the gay community, being anyone famous’s gay brother/ sister/ daughter/ son would be rotten.

Take, for example, Chastity Bono. Who’s she, apart from Cher’s Lesbian Daughter? But at least she’s got an icon to work with. What about poor old Mary Cheney, daughter of Dick? It’s hardly a turn-on to hear: My dad is George Bush’s right-hand man. Lucky she’s got a long-term partner.

Then there’s Jason Gould. Imagine the relentless show queen questions that pop up when it emerges he is Barbra Streisand’s Gay Son.

It must be hard, because however gay Babs’s son ends up, he’s never going to be as full-on freaky gay as his mum’s biggest fans.

And however fabulous Chris Ciccone is, he’ll always be known as GBOM, or Gay Brother Of Madge. Still, there are pluses. If he ever wants to do drag, he’s got a great costume source.

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