Click here to find the full schedule for today at Sydney 2002 Gay Games VI.


Venue: Five Dock Leisure Centre, Cnr Queens Rd & Williams St, Five Dock

A doubles (men & women)

A mixed doubles

B+ mixed doubles

Venue: Ryde Aquatic Centre
B- mixed doubles

C singles (men & women)



Venue: North Sydney Indoor Sports Centre, 36 Hume St, Crows Nest

8:00 (all men’s) Above The Pacific Rim vs. East Sydney; Boston vs. Sydney Spectres Red; SF Rock Dogs vs. SF Eagles; Mister B Amsterdam vs. San Diego Hoops

9:15 (all men’s) SF Castro vs. Paris 1; LA Heat vs. Gaipards; Sydney Spectres Black vs. M&Ms; United American Ballers vs. Sharks

10:30 (men) London Cruisers vs. NY Reality XL; Rebels vs. Paris 2; (women) Entre 2 Basket Paris vs. Newtown Divas 1; Tropical Fruit vs. Good Vibrations

11:45 (all women’s) London Cruisers 2 vs. Fatal Attraction; Divas 3 vs. Divas; London Cruisers 1 vs. Amazon Wellington; Melbourne Treasures vs. Team Oregon

13:10 (women) Old School vs. Chinese Taipei; Under The Net vs. The Lexington Club SF; (men) Above the Pacific Rim vs. Sydney Spectres Red; SF Rock Dogs vs. East Sydney

14:25 (all men’s) Mister B Amsterdam vs. Boston; SF Eagles vs. Paris 1; SF Castro vs. San Diego Hoops; LA Heat vs. Sydney Spectres Black

15:40 (all men’s ) United American Ballers vs. Gaipards; M&Ms vs. London Cruisers; Paris 2 vs. Sharks; Rebels vs. NY Reality XL

16:55 (all women’s) Entre 2 Basket Paris vs. Tropical Fruit; London Cruisers 2 vs. Newtown Divas 1; Good Vibrations vs. Divas 3; Fatal Attraction vs. Divas



Venue: AMF Parramatta, 2 Cowper St, Harris Park, Parramatta

8:00 Men’s singles semifinals

13:15 Men’s singles finals

17:30 Medal presentation


Venue: The Cannons Grand Drive, Centennial Park

9:00 Individual time trial-unlicensed women

9:45 Individual time trial-unlicensed men

11:30 Individual time trial-licensed women

11:45 Individual time trial-licensed men

12:30 Medal ceremony



Venue: Sydney Town Hall, 483 George St, Sydney

From 10:00 women’s graded modern (A-E grades); men’s graded Latin (A-E grades)



Venue: Sydney Aquatic Centre, Olympic Park

13:00 men 18-24 1m springboard; women 18-24 1m springboard; men 25-29 1m springboard; women 25-29 1m springboard

13:45 men 30-34 1m springboard

14:45 men 35-39 1m springboard; women 35-39 1m springboard

15:45 men 40-44 1m springboard; women 40-44 1m springboard; men 45-49 1m springboard; women 45-49 1m springboard; men 50-59 1m springboard

16:00 men 18-24 3m springboard; men 25-29 3m springboard; women 25-29 3m springboard

18:50 men 30-34 3m springboard

19:45 men 35-39 3m springboard; women 35-39 3m springboard

20:40 women 40-44 3m springboard; men 40-44 3m springboard; men 45-49 3m springboard; men 50-59 3m springboard



Venue: Sydney International Hockey Stadium, Olympic Park

All women’s teams today

8:30 Sydney Bentstix vs. Vic Strikers

10:10 Eastern Hutt Vets vs. Funky Divas

11:50 Charme On Tour vs. Sydney Cats

13:30 Girls Own Adventure vs. Vic Strikers

15:10 Funky Divas vs. Sydney Bentstix



Venue: Canterbury Ice Rink, Phillips Ave, Canterbury

8:55 Los Angeles-A vs. New York

10:20 Sydney vs. World-W

11:45 Colorado vs. Boston

3:30 San Francisco vs. Vancouver-B

4:55 Bad Dogs vs. Toronto-W

6:20 Los Angeles-B vs. DC



Venue: Anne Clark Centre, Church St, Lidcombe

From 9:00



Venue: King George V Recreation Centre, Cumberland St, The Rocks

9:35 (mixed) SHNC 1 vs. Team Melbourne 2; (mixed) SHNC 2 vs. The Imperials 2

10:10 (mixed) Sharp Shooters vs. Team Perth 2; (mixed) Shooting Kylies 1 vs. Palm Island 3

10:45 (mixed) Team Tonga vs. Samoa/Palm Island; (mixed) SHNC 2 vs. Koori Joongarhs 1

11:20 (mixed) Team Melbourne 2 vs. Sharp Shooters; (mixed) Team Perth 2 vs. Samoa/Palm Island

11:55 (mixed) SHNC 1 vs. Team Tonga; (mixed) SHNC 2 vs. Team Samoa 2

12:30 (mixed) Palm Island 3 vs. Team Samoa 2

13:05 Mixed Semi-final 2 (3rd placed vs. 4th placed)

13:40 Mixed Semi-final 1 (1st placed vs. 2nd placed)

14:15 Final (Loser of semi-final 1 vs. winner of semi-final 2) Bronze medal decider

14:50 Grand Final (Winner of semi-final 1 vs. winner of final) Gold/Silver



Venue: Caesars Bar, 92 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown

From 10:00 8 ball preliminary rounds



Venue: Meadowbank Park, Adelaide St, West Ryde

Men’s Division 1
15:15 Cream Team Cologne vs. Los Angeles Suns; Hotlanta Heat vs. Street Boys Munich; Lamda vs. San Francisco Spikes; London Lions vs. San Diego United

17:45 London Lions vs. San Francisco Spikes; Cream Team Cologne vs. Lamda; San Diego United vs. Street Boys Munich; Hotlanta Heat vs. Los Angeles Suns

Men’s Division 2, Group A
14:00 London Apprentices vs. Vancouver Mounties; Boston Strikers vs. The Vikings; The Americas vs. Sydney Rangers

16:30 Vancouver Mounties vs. The Americas; DC Federal Triangles vs. The Vikings; Boston Strikers vs. London Apprentices

Men’s Division 2, Group B
16:30 Pink Devils Belgium vs. San Francisco Spikes Blue; London Wreckers vs. Stonewall FC; Canada One vs. New York Ramblers

Women’s Division, Group A
9:00 Code Blue vs. Scrabblers; Olivia Scores vs. Katipo; Look at me Kimmy…Look at me vs. The Crew

11:30 Hillbrow Ladies & Red Dragons vs. The Crew; Look at me Kimmy…Look at me vs. Code Blue; Olivia Scores vs. Scrabblers

Women’s Division, Group B
10:15 Purple Hornets vs. London Lionesses; Olympia Tripleshots vs. See Jane Run; Vancouver Helens vs. Hobbergaasen Erlanger

12:45 Vancouver Helens vs. Purple Hornets; Olympia Tripleshots vs. London Lionesses; Sydney Flying Avengers vs. Hobbergaasen Erlanger

Women’s Division, Group C
9:00 Freedoms Glads vs. Seattle Vain Girls; Texas Neked Armadillos vs. Golden Tulips; Sydney Flying Bats vs. Amhurst Aztecs

11:30 Amhurst Aztecs vs. Golden Tulips; Sydney Flying Bats vs. Falcons; Texas Neked Armadillos vs. Seattle Vain Girls;

14:00 Freedoms Glads vs. Falcons; Amhurst Aztecs vs. Seattle Vain Girls; Sydney Flying Bats vs. Golden Tulips

Women’s Division, Group D
10:15 Sydney City Fliers vs. Amsterdam Kicks; Persistence vs. South London Studs; Rainbow Warriors vs. New York Rising

12:45 South London Studs vs. Amsterdam Kicks; Persistence vs. New York Rising; Sydney City Fliers vs. Rainbow Warriors



Venue: Georges River Softball Centre, Henry Lawson Drive, Milperra

Men’s Slowpitch A Grade
8:30 R Place Seattle Monarchs vs. Sydney Outfielders; Boston vs. Los Angeles Stray Cats

10:00 Team San Diego vs. R Place Seattle Monarchs; South Florida Predators vs. Team Eagle NYC

11:30 Los Angeles Stray Cats vs. Sydney Outfielders

13:15 South Florida Predators vs. Colorado Prairie Dogs

14:45 Team San Diego vs. Colorado Prairie Dogs

Men’s Slowpitch B Grade, Pool A
10:00 Gar’ban’djee’lum vs. London Boyz

11:30 Cinch Roughriders vs. Dallas Texas Sharks; San Francisco Titans vs. La We Ho’s

13:15 Dallas Texas Sharks vs. Gar’ban’djee’lum; London Boyz vs. La We Ho’s

14:45 San Francisco Titans vs. Cinch Roughriders

Men’s Slowpitch B Grade, Pool B
8:30 Los Angeles Batboys vs. San Diego Bourbon St

10:00 San Diego Bourbon St vs. San Francisco Aftershock

11:30 Vancouver Power Magic vs. Dallas Eagle Woody’s

13:15 Los Angeles Batboys vs. Vancouver Power Magic

14:45 San Francisco Aftershock vs. Dallas Eagle Woody’s

Women’s Slowpitch A/B Grade
8:30 Seqwin vs. Slow Bats; Girlie Allsorts vs. Red Delicious

10:00 Destiny vs. Sydney Outfielders

11:30 Seqwin vs. Girlie Allsorts; Just 4 Fun! vs. Red Delicious

13:15 London Girlz vs. Destiny; Slow Bats vs. Sydney Outfielders

14:45 Just 4 Fun! vs. London Girlz

Slowpitch Mixed
10:00 Parramatta Outfielders vs. Sydney Outfielders

11:30 Team Virginia Patriots vs. Sydney Sliders

13:15 Sydney Sliders vs. Sydney Outfielders

Women’s Fastpitch A/B Grade, Pool A
8:30 Purotu vs. Womyn Warriors; Amazons Black vs. Ruby Reds

10:00 Amazons Black vs. New York Power

11:30 Womyn Warriors vs. Toronto Storm

13:15 Toronto Storm vs. Ruby Reds

14:45 Purotu vs. New York Power

Women’s Fastpitch A/B Grade, Pool B
8:30 Swinging Riots vs. Melbourne Sliders

10:00 Purple Ferns vs. Y-Nots

11:30 Maidenz Aotearoa vs. Melbourne Sliders

13:15 Purple Ferns vs. Swinging Riots

14:45 Y-Nots vs. Maidenz Aotearoa



Venue: Sydney University Manning Squash & Tennis Courts, Camperdown

Preliminary Round
9:00 Men’s C

9:30 Men’s A

11:30 Men’s B & D

13:30 Women’s C & D

14:30 Men’s E, Women’s B

16:00 Men’s F, Women’s A

17:00 Women’s E & F



Venue: Sydney Aquatic Centre, Olympic Park

8:30 200m backstroke women

8:40 200m backstroke men

9:45 100m butterfly women

9:55 100m butterfly men

10:30 200m breaststroke women

10:50 200m breaststroke men

12:20 4 x 200m freestyle relay women

12:45 4 x 200m freestyle relay men

14:45 4 x 100m medley relay mixed



Venue: Anne Clark Centre, Church St, Lidcombe

9:00 Champion Division Men’s B Singles; Recreational Division Women’s Singles

12:30 Champion Division Men’s & Women’s C Singles

16:00 Champion Division Men’s A & Women’s A & B Singles



Venue: Sydney International Tennis Centre, Olympic Park

From 9:00

Venue: Cintra Park Tennis Centre, Gipps St, Concord
From 8:30

Venue: Powells Creek Tennis Centre, Conway Ave, Homebush
From 8:30

Venue: Illawarra Shire Tennis Centre, 71 Chapel St, Rockdale
From 8:30


Venue: Sydney Athletic Centre, Olympic Park

10:00 400m hurdles finals men

10:30 400m hurdles finals women

10:35 5000m walk finals women

11:30 1500m heats men

12:30 400m semi-finals men

12:50 3000m steeple finals men

13:35 3000m steeple final women

13:55 5000m walk final men

14:35 4 x 400m relay finals men

15:25 4 x 400m relay finals women

15:45 5000m walk final men

9:30 Discus finals women; Long-jump finals men; Shot-put finals men

11:15 Javelin finals men


Venues: State Sports Centre & Sydney Indoor Sports Centre, Olympic Park

See website:


Venue: Sydney Aquatic Centre, Olympic Park

9:15 Men’s semi-final rounds commence

12:15 (women) Gay Swim Amsterdam vs. International

14:30 (women) Out To Swim London vs. San Francisco Tsunami

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