Shocking meeting
New Mardi Gras general meeting held April 11 was nothing short of shocking.
Shocking for the poor unprofessional way the meeting was convened, shocking for the unreadable financial slides presented, shocking for the soft leaking of reported $400k loss (unaudited) and finally, shocking for the motion that was put up by the NMG co-chairs seeking to kill off IP protection.
The IP issue was defeated — not soundly, but enough by interested persons who felt that: the motion did nothing to protect the IP; no documentation supporting the important motion was a poor reflection to the members; the members have for many years felt that IP protection was paramount to ensuring no repeat of previous mismanagement.
Also worth noting was the dubious decision made by the chair to accept the motion with no supporting documentation. Be clear on one thing — irrespective of a reading of the NMG constitution, minimalist corporate governance and a lack of open communication show a disappointing level of contempt of the membership.
Are we in crisis? NMG says no!
Should we be concerned? NMG says yes!
The simple reality is the organisation is in crisis — it has just delivered a $800K reduction in profit for the season and reduced its reserves by approximately 25 percent.
We are told this is the rainy day we had to have or this is why we have been putting the money away for such events.
But one has to question how such a result could be delivered despite having over 12 months to plan for the season. What was their planning like — was it a dartboard to throw money at or somewhat more sophisticated that simply did not work?
Where does that leave 2011 season? Will it be one of our last? Will we continue to accept non-performance and risk the future of Mardi Gras seasons to come?
— Michael
I must commend the Vatican for its effervescent yet totally ineffectual stance against pedophilia over the years.
Suggesting that priests abuse children because the priests are homosexual rather than because they are forced into the bizarre, tortuous, self-flagellating state of lifelong celibacy is not only logical and compassionate, it confirms what Scientologists, theologists, palaeontologists and proctologists have known for many years — Christian heterosexual reproductive sex is the only type of sex that God will bless, except if you’re a priest in which case no sex is the only type of sex that God will bless. (And He’ll look the other way when those messy nocturnal emissions spurt forth.)
In the case of homosexuals, becoming a priest will not help you into Heaven, as you will be unable to resist your overwhelming pedophiliac urges, as befits God’s curse upon you.
So given that as a homosexual you are also very likely to be a pedophile — and thus cursed by God — you might as well become a priest as the postion of trust will enable you access to all those choirboys and the protection of the Pope himself in case those naughty young lads tell tales.
If  you can’t see the logic in all of this, then there’s just no place for you in our Holy Church. Piss off to the Anglicans. Or Hillsong. Hail Mary!
— Guy
Vatican Stance #2
The church has blood on its hands. Claims this week by the Vatican of a link between homosexuality and pedophilia is clear evidence the church is a leading cause of child abuse.
Rome’s condemnation of homosexuality denies many ordinary people the opportunity for normal and healthy relationships, resulting in dysfunction and the abuse of children by some.
— Stuart
On the weekend I finally watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. I managed to watch 10 minutes, then nearly chucked.
I wanted to see what situation the writer/s set up to justify the unlikely situation. Sure enough, the two guys were Brooklyn firemen, saviours of the nation, who of course after September 11 could do no wrong.
I suppose it’s deja vu to ask why we are the last group in society of whom a ripe spectrum of abuse can be uttered with impunity: fruits, queers, faggots.
It’s small change to note that Adam Sandler’s character refers to himself as a whore, that the M/F relationships all seem stereotypical.
— Anton
What a difference a year makes and it’s wonderful to know hotel management can listen to our community’s needs. Thankfully, gone are the days of homophobic attitude, exclusionary policies and inexcusable service.
Last year I wrote to SSO because I was appalled by my own experiences and those of people I knew. However, now that changes have been effected, I feel the Beresford management should be acknowledged for listening to our complaints, and even better, for making the requisite changes.
We did vote with our feet and it looked quite deserted on many nights. But all has changed.
The hotel staff are courteous and most pleasant, the security staff treat you as a decent patron (as they should) and at Fruits in Suits last Thursday night, I felt very welcome. It was a very pleasant experience overall.
I’m assuming, and hoping too, that with the Beresford’s new owner, our community can continue to look forward to a rewarding future together.
So thanks again, Beresford management, for listening to us and for making the appropriate changes. You had nothing to lose and everything to gain.
— Lawrence

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