Ricki Menzies th

Ageism has been an issue within the LGBT community for quite some time, I thought that was being combated every day with age inclusive events and venues, but recently there has been an increase in events targeting the under 40 crowd.

It seems that there are many events that, just by their choice of music or entertainment, are targeting a younger crowd, without them being explicit about targeting a certain age bracket. Those people who are not interested in that music will just not attend and eventually natural selection will define the demographic who attend.

But what of these new events? Can they legally discriminate on age? What about the older person who has predominately younger friends or partner? Will they be excluded by their age, will people have to prove it at the door?

Food for thought in a community that is discriminated on many levels….will we do this to our own?

with RICKI MENZIES  Training & Development Coordinator



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