What is wrong with people? What is to be feared? My marriage is strong not because our government continues to discriminate against a minority, but because my husband and I value our 36-year relationship.
Recent studies show marriage encourages fidelity, raises the standard of living for couples due to improved health care, encourages better eating habits and safer surroundings because we have a sense of belonging in our lives.
The studies also show marriage improves a person’s mental health and social well being. Marriage also encourages couples to work as a team, instead of as individuals, which research shows is what is inclined to happen when couples cohabitate.
Surely, marriage must be good for all concerned. Why are Christian and Family groups concerned about encouraging this for all Australians? Not all gays and lesbians want marriage (the same as many heterosexuals) but they should have the choice.
Opponents of marriage equality need to remember marriage has changed over the last 50 years.
* Interracial marriage no longer an issue;
* Inter-religious marriages no longer scorned;
* Families are blending;
* Single families are not uncommon;
* Rape is no longer permitted in marriage;
* Women are not seen as possessions.
Same-sex marriage is just another evolvement —  no better or worse.  People in same sex relationships don’t choose to be lesbian or gay, but discrimination is a choice. There is nothing to fear by becoming a more inclusive country.
The continued discrimination that still exists in this country affects couples and families. As Retired High Court Judge, Justice Michael Kirby stated “this isn’t right, it isn’t fair and it isn’t decent.”

— Shelley Argent
National Spokesperson PFLAG Australia

Re: Hate sign shocks locals (SSO Dec 08), at the bottom in brackets, they have said repent and therefore taken a Christian stance, but using the word “faggot” they have shown their complete ignorance both for bible scripture, and indeed life itself.
Also, the fact that they have left it anonymously shows weakness of character.
Personally, if I had seen this sign, I would have pissed on it and got someone to take a picture of me doing it.

As 2010 draws to a close, ArciLesbica Australia would like to thank Southern Star Observer for its ongoing support via media coverage and, as a (unexpected, but very welcome) recipient of their sponsorship gifts.  Not only has SSO’s coverage of lesbian events/happenings been extremely encouraging, it’s fantastic to see the frequent coverage of all our communities. So un bel bacio a tutti voi della Stella del Sud.
– ArciLesbica Australia

Congratulations to the Melbourne Rainbow Band, The Gay and Lesbian Chorus and The Gay and Lesbian Youth Chorus on a fantastic performance, and night out, at Carols by Queerlight at the Prahran Market.  It was the most enjoyable evening, as it always is every year. A great job of holding it all together was done by Danae Gibson, Miss Dolly Diamond and Luke Gallagher.
– Colin Krycer

Re: Claims gays want to ‘destroy marriage’ (SSO Dec 01), I’m always amazed at the power that some straight people think gay people have over their lives.
If two gay people kiss, if they marry, if they live happily, if they get jobs, if they adopt, if they live in your neighbourhood, if they hold hands, if they do anything other than hide in their closet and keep quiet — or better yet, pretend to be straight and sham-marry someone of the opposite sex — then straight people everywhere will be disgusted.
Their marriages will be ruined, their families will be corrupted, their God will do unspeakable things to their communities, they won’t be able to do their jobs. Their own children will mysteriously suddenly start becoming more gay, people won’t be able to pro-create anymore and the whole human existence will come to a screeching halt.
Them’s some powerful people, them gays.
– Dave

The Catholic Church should stick to trying to keep married hetero couples together, as their divorce rate is through the roof. All this talk about gay marriage ruining [straight] marriage is just deck chairs on the Titanic.
– John

The Xchange is always updating and changing their layout, congrats to the owners for keeping it fresh.
— Kris

Re: Gillard could ‘do more’ (SSO, Dec 02), unfortunately the Australian Christian Lobby — that Gillard is seemingly controlled by on the issue of gay rights ­— would apparently prefer to promote the image of gays getting HIV and dying, rather than strong monogamous relationships, with the support structure of full relationship equality.
Government-sponsored second class citizenship can be a factor in depression, gay-youth suicide and risk-taking behaviour; and the Australian Christian Lobby knows it. They don’t want to promote gay monogamy — just the opposite.
Gillard should follow the lead of all those other countries  falling like dominoes and grant full equal rights for a level playing field.
The roadblock of the ‘Aussie Banana Republic Christian Lobby’ needs to be swept out of the way.
– David

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