LGBTI — or the queer sandwich, as I prefer to call it — bacon, lettuce, tomato and gayonnaisse (the “I” is a secret ingredient!) – refers to the community to which all we non-heterosexuals and gender outlaws belong.

But despite its inclusive intentions, not all the letters in this delicious sanga are made to feel as much a part of the community as the rest.

In this instance, I’m referring to the Bs. Those dirty bacons who simply can’t decide which team they bat for — they’re here to steal our girlfriends or fuck our blokes, then once they’ve had their fun, go have babies and live a leisurely life of heterosexual privilege. Am I right? (Don’t say yes.)

These are just some of the biphobic attitudes that exist in society today, and from what my bi friends tell me, are more commonly held by gays and lesbians than our straight mates.

I’m guilty of this myself. When I had my first girl crush I assumed I was bi as I had a boyfriend at the time. Because I pretty quickly realised boobs were better, I assumed the “bi now, gay later” motto applied to everyone who’d experienced a bisexual ‘phase’ like me. But it’s simply not true.

Feelings of love and lust consume us because we’re powerless to their forces — and some of us have those feelings, real feelings, for Brad and Angelina.

In our naivety, we Gs and Ls often make biphobic comments out of fear and lack of understanding. It’s like when your mum, despite having good intentions, says something ridiculously homophobic like “You’re too pretty to be a lesbian” (errr, thanks Mum).

One of my L pals said she’d never date a bisexual again because the last one cheated on her with a guy. That’s like refusing to eat apples because your last Pink Lady was bruised. Just choose more wisely next time.

Bisexuals don’t exist to titillate straight guys, they’re not just out for attention and they aren’t props for bored straight couples to spice up their sex lives — unless of course they want to be.

We as a queer community must look out for each other in the fight for equality. We do live in a heteronormative world that discriminates against us because of who we love — so let’s not make the same mistakes with each other.


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