Warning : This article contains spoilers of episode 3 of Drag Race UK, if you haven’t watched it yet, you’ve been warned!

With the runway being an unconventional materials challenge on this week’s ep of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, who would end up on the cutting room? Even though Scaredy Kat was sent scurrying home last week in her first lip synch ever, she turned it around by dropping a fantastic single after her elimination. If you haven’t checked out Bedroom Queen yet now’s your chance.

Blu Hydrangea has a renewed lease on life this week after the runway as we dive into what I hope will be the worst mini challenge we have for season one. Someone in production has been doing some serious reaching to come up with a Maypole Dance to RuPaul’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time.

Still it gave the gals a chance to look ridiculous and bust some moves in the Werk Room, which is basically the point of all mini challenges, and proved that while the film clip is great, it’s safe to say that Peanut Butter Jelly Time is not a song anyone should actually dance to. Still, Cheryl Hole got her redemption moment after last week’s edit by taking the mini challenge top spot. Good on ya girl!




Raven and the Brit Crew roll on out and the queens could not be more excited. But don’t hold your breath for any more cameos from US drag performers – it’s because she does Ru’s makeup.

Taking toot or boot to a whole new level the queens are told they have to RuPurpose the crap in the car into a runway look. They can use your own hair, shoes or undergarments but the rest of the outfit must be recreations. This is the type of challenge I always live for on Drag Race, only because I know it is a challenge I would fail, so I love to see what creativity comes up.

Image : BBC Three/World of Wonder

Sewing isn’t everyone’s forte, but BenDeLaCreme has shown us that all you need is a hot glue gun, so Cheryl gets to work with some yellow gloves and a dream. Meanwhile it’s pretty easy to tell which two characters are being lined up for the chopping block this week, cos Designing Women Vinegar Strokes and Sum Ting Wong are not! At one point in the editing I was hoping that perhaps there was going to be some redemption for either of them, but alas no.

Cheryl has it right though when she says you need to have more than one skill when it comes to a challenge like this. Sure, you just have to produce a look fab look for the runway, but it’s also about how you sell and style it as well.

I’m just going to skip ahead because this leads to an interesting conversation about the real-world vs reality tv when it comes to competitions like this. Not everyone needs or wants to be an allrounder and make their own outfits or style their own wigs. But when you enter a competition where that’s one of the challenges, you have to be prepared. It also pays to take the time to think and plan, like The Vivienne. Sure, she just started grabbing what she could from the car, but she came up with a creative idea that almost stole the show.

Image : BBC Three/World of Wonder

Sum Ting Wong decides that this challenge she is going to try something she never has before, to make a tailored outfit for herself. While The Vivienne is telling her to stick to what you know, it’s the kind of risk I am here for. Each week Sum Ting has thought outside the box and it has served her well. Why not take a risk, the worst thing that happens is you are sent home. Also, can The Vivienne stop being such a know it all, just let people do their thing.

I love how unprepared everyone is for this challenge when Ru enters the Werk Room. Divina De Campo is turning this week around after an emotion moment on last week’s runway, and even though she isn’t a fashion girl, she has a plan to serve bag lady realness. Baga Chipz is the same, she has a bucket full of steel wool and is just going to make it work. Ru decides its time Vinegar had some proper one on one feedback about her looks, and I couldn’t agree more. Calling her style Hodge Podge. It’s all about humour it seems, but will her outfit be a laugh, or fall on its ass?

“I see drag as a colouring box of gender,” says Crystal as Ru asks her about why she keeps herself hairy with her drag. I’m loving the diversity to what drag means that the UK version of the show makes space for. Hopefully this will bleed into the US version.

Image : BBC Three/World of Wonder




Day two begins and Vinegar is in trouble, she has to start an outfit all over again, again. And it looks like this is the only drama this episode has. Sum Ting lets Vinegar know she will miss her if she goes. Which is lovely. It honestly seems like Vinegar is everyone’s best mate which is nice. But is anyone else thinking that Sum Ting Wong is the true dark horse of this competition? There’s something about the way she approaches things that makes me wonder if the editors are holding her back.

We get a great conversation between Divina and Blu about the differences between drag now to drag years ago when she was starting out. YouTube has certainly changed the way people learn and engage with the artform, but has it been for the better? Of course, it has.

Now let’s go to the ‘Posh on a Penny’ runway!

Divina De Campo: This car boot couture is fantastic. Firstly, being able to make the patterns and work the material of plastic bags into fitted outfits is great. But secondly, how avant-garde! What a way to think outside the box not only with your materials, but your execution.

Baga Chipz: She’s a scrubba and we love her for it.  After two weeks of clowning around she took this runway in a great direction. With scouring pads creating a steel wool fantasy and great styling and make up, maybe I was wrong about her.

Blu Hydrangea: Why does Blu not get enough credit for what they do? This outfit was gorgeous and looked like fabric, sure it wasn’t posh, but it was so well put together compared to some of the other gals.

Sum Ting Wong: This is Posh on a Penny come true. Taking a blind and making it look like an expensive jacket was amazing. But, she did look awkward on the runway, you’ve got to be able to sell sell sell (damn Cheryl was right)!

The Vivien: Damn she is divine. This is someone who understands exactly what they need to do to be seen and stay on top.

Vinegar Strokes: Yes it was a mess, but I actually really loved this look, because I didn’t think it would come together so well. There were some basic flaws like not wearing bigger hair or a necklace to cover the body suit lining, but all in all this was a creative choice.

Cheryl Hole: What a camp water sports fantasy Cheryle created. It is finger licking good and was brilliantly put together.

Crystal: Sorry The Vivienne, move over cos there’s a new winner in town. The skill here is to die for. A true masterpiece.

Image : BBC Three/World of Wonder

With Blu and Baga safe the judging began, let’s turn our attention to the judges. Does anyone think Michelle is being really weird as a judge in the UK? She is either way too nice to Vinegar or just trying to cut Cheryl down. I’m sure it is the editing, but Cheryl did not deserve those comments on the runway, and after hearing from Sum Ting Wong, I’d hoped the judges would turn their thoughts around.

Kudos to The Vivienne who said what we have all said for years in the Werk Room, we all watch the show, but don’t learn how to play the game. Many amazing performers have never made it to the top of Drag Race because it is about playing the reality tv game, and part of that means walking in prepared for what is coming. Sewing or at least being able to put together a garment is a part of that.

Image : BBC Three/World of Wonder

With Crystal on the top and Sum Ting Wonga and Vinegar are on the bottom we finally got a great lip synch in this series. But before we get to that, we have Cheryle is in the bottom three again. That’s three weeks in a row now. Is she all talk or are they just producing her a certain way to get all that they can from her throughout the run?

Anyway, onto the lip sync. Quite a few of my mates thought it could be a double save here, and even though both performers have great energy, no way was that going to happen. Just because the first two lip-synchs weren’t epic doesn’t mean a double save is on the cards.

It was time to say so long to Hodge Podge Vinegar Strokes, and I just know that I’m going to miss her next week. She was so much fun to watch, and owned hen she wasn’t where the show needed her to be. Another fab exit from the UK series, with every performer just grateful to share what they have – and of course release a song!

But now it is all about next week because the Snatch Game is coming! From the drag I saw in the UK when I lived there, this is the challenge I am most excited for. Now all I want is for someone to do Kat Slater from Eastenders, and I will be one happy slag!

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