Yo Majesty have made a name for themselves this year with outspoken, cheeky club songs like the Salt N Pepa-sampling Kryptonite Pussy and Booty Klap.

Behind the scenes, the openly gay Christian duo are just as outspoken, something that Sydney Star Observer discovered when speaking to rapper Shunda K.

It’s not what people think­­ -” that now I’m signed to a record label, boom-boom, I’m gonna be a superstar and be on the red carpet sippin’ champagne and eatin’ caviar, Shunda said, when asked about the pair’s success.

You gotta work real hard. That’s a big aspect of the life that people don’t focus on, but I be puttin’ the spotlight on that shit, you know what I’m sayin’? It’s hard. Ain’t nobody givin’ me nothin’. So don’t try to be makin’ me feel bad for who I am and who I became, because I worked hard to get where I am.

With the duo putting so much of their real-life sexual energy into their songs, I ask Shunda if it irritates her when twits like Katy Perry make dubious boasts about kissing girls.

I think she probably has, she responded.

Look man, I believe that 85 percent of the world is gay. That’s all I gotta say about that shit, straight up. I don’t need to be dealin’ wit no bullshit. I got it goin’ on, so I don’t need to be dealin’ with no busted-ass motherfuckers who ain’t got their shit together.

Indeed. With all this cussin’ goin’ on, some might question Shunda’s Christian credentials, but she insisted there was room in her life for both her religion and her day job as a foul-mouthed homo rapper.

I had to redefine my life, because I prayed and I asked God. I said, -˜Lord, I know what I’ve been taught about how you feel about gay people, but I love women.’ I was real with the Lord. I even stopped having sex. We were on tour and I said -˜I’m not havin’ sex for three months.’ And I didn’t.

She paused, before admitting sheepishly, Well…almost three months. I slipped up.

Yo Majesty is about love, y’know. Keepin’ real with the people, bein’ a mirror to the people, so they can be a mirror to me. If I ain’t got my shit together then show me, if you ain’t got yours together I’m-a show you.

Despite what Shunda said, it would appear Yo Majesty isn’t all about love -” at least not within the band. Rumours have circulated that Shubda’s working relationship with singer Jwl B has become increasingly fractious in recent times. She’s frank about the breakdown.

I can’t speak for Jwl. I’m movin’ forward with my life -” my life is changin’.
So Yo Majesty: Version 1.0 won’t be around for too much longer? I’m gonna go solo. I believe Jwl is eventually gonna go -˜fuck that shit’ and leave. I’m just done.

info: Yo Majesty play Field Days Festival on New Year’s Day, 1 January. More info: www.fuzzy.com.au.

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