Hey Gaymers!: ‘God of War’, Nintendo Labo, and ‘Bendy and the Ink Machine’

Hey Gaymers!: ‘God of War’, Nintendo Labo, and ‘Bendy and the Ink Machine’
Image: God of War's Kratos come into his own as a daddy (literally).

I know most of you are ready for your next gayming fix after an exhilarating March following Mardi Gras and Easter, and luckily there are some pretty big titles and gear heading our way this month to keep us gagging for more.

Nintendo – the completely random but ever popular game company – is releasing a first-of-their-kind range of cardboard video games and peripherals, Nintendo Labo.

That’s right. Cardboard that you construct and then use as controllers, part of a body suit, or as random objects to fish, fight robots, race motorcycles, or even play the piano.

With the power of the unique motion controls on the Nintendo Switch controllers, this is either going to be a complete craze or a recycle bin’s dream.

Over on the PS4 we have the brand new God of War which sees Kratos, the extremely fierce star of the game, leading a life outside the shadow of the gods.

This series has been extremely popular over the years and has so far scored rave reviews. This being said, the new instalment will be the first of the series I have invested some time in.

There weren’t any huge games on Xbox that caught my eye this month, but Microsoft has announced they are re-releasing the original controller that launched aside the OG Xbox back in 2001.

The reason I find this awesome is because the controller is a beast. If you have big manly hands like me, this controller will be the perfect fit, or at the very least a great addition to your collection.

Lastly I wanted to mention a slightly old indie game I started playing this month called Bendy and the Ink Machine. The game is very simple but to be frank, it’s also beautiful and scary as hell.

Imagine a killer Mickey Mouse in a sandbox-style environment. The game is currently free on Steam so definitely worth a test run.

Miss Vanjie… Miss Vanjie… Miss… Vanjie to my Gaymer pals, catch you next time.

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