Hey Gaymers!: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and more E3 standouts

Hey Gaymers!: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and more E3 standouts

I hope you’ve had an amazing month hanging on to every piece of news, every trailer, and every gameplay video that surfaced during E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo).

This month, for Hey Gaymers’ one year anniversary, I’m going to look at my three stand out games.

First up is the highly anticipated addition to the Fallout series: Fallout 76.

The new edition will include an online multiplayer mode which allows you to team up with your mates, build incredible forts, and essentially nuke the shit out of each other.

If you are an epic collector like me, you may even snatch up the special edition that includes the game’s iconic helmet.

Another game I have been eagerly awaiting is Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

If you have ever played Lylat Wars on the Nintendo 64, you can expect a similar gameplay style, where you pilot a starship in an open star system and face Star Wars-like battle mechanics.

The other feature of this game is that it includes ‘toys to life’ gaming (much like Skylanders, where you place toys onto a device to bring them into the game), which attracts me, as I love the hunt for collecting the characters you want.

Now for the unbeatable game with the highest number of tweets during E3: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The highly anticipated Smash trailer was nothing short of epic – revealing to us a December release date, new gameplay, and new levels, with the biggest reveal being that every playable fighter from every single Smash game will be here. All 66 of them.

This game is set to be a blockbuster this holiday season and I will be in line simply for the addition of Inkling Girl and Ridley as playable characters. 

Thanks for supporting Hey Gaymers! over the past year. I hope to keep your gaming addictions satisfied for many more to come.

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