Gay nurse praised for helping London attack victim

Gay nurse praised for helping London attack victim
Image: Photo: Giovanni Sagristani.

AN OFF-DUTY critical care nurse has been praised for his role in assisting a victim of the London terror attacks.

Nurse Carlos Pinto, his partner Giovanni Sagristani, and their friends were at El Pastor restaurant when an attacker came in and stabbed a woman, BBC News has reported.

“He came in shouting and just stabbed her,” said Sagristani.

Diners forced the attacker out of the restaurant by throwing chairs and bottles, before staff lowered a security gate and locked the restaurant with people inside.

Pinto and a friend, who is also a nurse, attended to the woman.

“They took some ice and cloths and tried to stop the bleeding,” said Sagristani.

“She lost half a litre of blood in the beginning. He was keeping pressure on the wound.

“After the initial moment of panic, everyone tried to help this girl and stay calm. We were all at the back of the restaurant. There were shots going off outside and we didn’t know what was going on.”

Sagristani said it was two hours before an ambulance was able to attend the restaurant.

“They kept her conscious. It was very lucky they were there,” he said.

World leaders including Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull have condemned the attacks, which have killed at least seven people and injured dozens.

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