Anti-LGBTI candidate Gladys Liu elected to parliament after winning seat of Chisholm

Anti-LGBTI candidate Gladys Liu elected to parliament after winning seat of Chisholm
Image: Image: Gladys Liu - Liberal for Chisholm / Facebook.

Gladys Liu has been elected to parliament in the seat of Chisholm after a tight contest with the Labor candidate, Jennifer Yang.

The Liberal MP’s surprise victory has secured Prime Minister Scott Morrison a majority government, after the Coalition won the federal election in a similarly surprising result.

Despite countless polls suggesting Labor was the overwhelming favourite to topple the Liberal-National Coalition, Prime Minister Scott Morrison ultimately swept the Coalition to victory over the weekend.

While Liu’s election has been praised as historic by some, others have criticised her past, which involves a history of campaigning against both Safe Schools and marriage equality.

In 2016, Liu helped deliver a petition against the Safe Schools program, which gathered an alleged 5,000 signatures from Chinese-Australians, to the Victorian Liberal Party at parliament.

“Stop Safe Schools programs teaching our children homosexual ideas and practice,” read a flyer accompanying the petition.

“Stop stealing our children from our own culture and values. Protect parents rights and say ‘no’ to the un-Safe Schools program.”

And earlier this year, The Guardian republished comments Liu made an interview with the outlet in 2016 in which she expressed that the Chinese-Australian community viewed same-sex marriage and other issues negatively.

Hitting back at The Guardian‘s report and calling it “fake”, Liu said at the time that she was simply expressing the views of some members of the Chinese-Australian community.

In response to Liu’s criticism of their reporting, The Guardian released audio of the Chisholm candidate’s response in the interview and stood by the story.

“A lot of Chinese parents they just do not agree with letting boys go into a girls’ toilet. They strongly oppose the Safe Schools program,” she said in the audio.

“Not only toilets, it’s also the crossdressing, the introduction of transgender – this is something they found difficult to accept, especially to primary aged children.

“The second thing is same sex marriage, now that is kind of connected to the first one, that is their belief that same-sex marriage is against normal practice.

“The Chinese people come to Australia because they want good education for their children, good environment, they want good things for their next generation, not to be destroyed – they use the word destroyed – by these sort of concepts of same-sex, transgender, intergender, crossgender and all this rubbish,” Liu said.

“To them this is just ridiculous rubbish.”

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5 responses to “Anti-LGBTI candidate Gladys Liu elected to parliament after winning seat of Chisholm”

  1. More religious bullshit for us to have to put up with. What part of “we live in a secular society” don’t these small minded individuals understand. I think all the intolerant religious nuts in Parliament need to be reminded of the fact that we live in a democracy, not a theocracy.

    I have nothing against that imaginary being called God, that all pray to. It’s his followers I can’t stand.

  2. Liu is another Happy Clappy joining the infiltration of the Libs. Robert and Hawke also are are were promoted in the Ministry. Pastor Trisha Botha in the WA senate race another, her position via some branchstaking by Goodenough.
    Infiltration is damn obvious and no doubt their religious affiliations are no longer posted on their Wikipedia pages.
    Wilson, Smith and Zimmerman have been brave enough to come out, probably others still in the closet.
    Given the nature of preselection and who is the PM I suspect there will be less diversity and more religious influence meddling with Social Policy. Dark days head.

  3. Just what is Gladys frightened of?
    Just in what ways does she think any member of the GLBTIQ Community is a threat to her?
    Is she scared stiff that one of her family members may be a members and that, as a family member of mine once had the gall to say “No child of mine will be Gay or Lesbian – she did and does not acknowledge that there are such beings as TIQs!
    I wonder how she will get on with Tim Wilson? he is openly gay and I doubt very much that he would tolerate any nonsensical garbage she might utter.
    Oh! Ande are there not another couple of the dreaded and feared GLBTIQ Community within the Coalition ranks? How Gladys will loathe that!. Maybe she should join One Nation…oooops they would not have her as she is of the wrong race!

    • One Nation voters went about 50-5o on the marriage equality bizzo, they’re far too progressive for Gladys Liu.

  4. Lui sounds like another rightwing moralizer who probably believes in their totally indifferent GOD! They just love telling others how to live their lives. My response to her is, go peddle your bigotry to the rest of your mates that are now trying to tell us how we should live our lives. Leave us alone you religious moron.