Chris Judd says the AFL was right to ban trans player Hannah Mouncey

Chris Judd says the AFL was right to ban trans player Hannah Mouncey
Image: Image: Chris Judd / Facebook.

Former AFL player Chris Judd has backed the AFL’s decision to ban Hannah Mouncey from last year’s draft over her trans status.

After the league decided against allowing her to play, she was last month cleared to participate in women’s AFL at the state level.

Judd said the AFL was right to block Mouncey from the draft, though he acknowledged the issue needed to be treated sensitively, has reported.

“It’s an issue that’s got to be tackled with sensitivity because of the personal journey the transgender community goes through, which is something we’ll forever find hard to understand,” Judd said.

“That doesn’t mean that it should change the fairness of women’s sport or potentially the safety if you’re playing a contact sport.

“Purely, the level of testosterone that transgender women grow up with for 20-plus years puts them at a distinct advantage to put down muscle bulk, create power that other female athletes don’t have, and I think the AFL were right in not allowing Hannah to play in the AFLW.”

Mouncey announced on social media when she received clearance to play in AFLW again.

“While I wholeheartedly thank those who supported me through this time, I will not and I think it would be inappropriate for me to thank the AFL for allowing me to do something open to every other Australian,” she posted.

The league has been working to finalise a policy on trans players, calling on legal, medical, sports and human rights experts for input.

“We are committed to inclusion, and want all Australians to be able to play or participate in our game,” said general manager of inclusion and social policy Tanya Hosch.

“These are complex issues and we are considering expert opinion, international frameworks and feedback from the communities that are impacted by our decisions.”

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2 responses to “Chris Judd says the AFL was right to ban trans player Hannah Mouncey”

  1. Having been a HP athlete myself pre transition it did take me longer to feminise to minimise my advantage, Hannah Mouncey was a HP athlete at the time she commenced transitioning and she is still training at the HP level with the Australian Women’s Handball Team.

    Entering transition with above average muscle mass and skeletal structure and maintaining HP training pre and through transition will defiantly affect the time it takes for Hannah to minimise her advantage.

    Hannah is hypgonatic, not feeling full effects of complete androgen deprivation and plus 2 dozen contraindications because still has her androgen receptors (gonads).

    . Hannah I feel would be years away from minimising her advantage in women’s competition.

    If she completes her transition surgically she will eventually end up with complete androgen deprivation at which time her general health would deteriorate and she would find it difficult to compete in any sport that requires endurance and strength.

    XY Females are lowering and eventually stopping permanently their production of testosterone eventually leaving an XY woman as myself in comple androgen deprivation.

    For education purposes google the affects zero testosterone production has on an XY Male I can assure you it isn’t performce enhancing it is a very unhealthy state for any person to be in.

    The current IOC guidelines are totally not sufficient to minimise the advantage in women’s sport for all XY Transitioning Females. Since 2015 when the IOC amended their policy to include transitioning XY females that had not undergone gender surgery and the halved the 2 year period of testosterone reduction to 12 months the balance of fairness was tipped in the favour of the XY Transitioning Female. This update in policy was not bassedmon science it was a half a day decision made without research to lesson liability in Kristen Worleys HR Case in the Divisional Court in Toronto.

    I believe fully transitioned XY Females that have undergone gender surgery can compete equally with XX Females XY women (fully transitioned) are the only athletes competing unhealthy in a complete androgen deprivation state and well beyond a (post menopause state). Incredibly unhealthy and spore eventually becomes impossible as the body deteriorates as it cannot respond to day-to-day functions without androgens as the bodies primary communications and regulator hormone.

    My suggestions for future policy development for XY transitioning and Transitioned XY Females are.

    1/At the community level of sport self identification as the only perquisite to participation.

    2/At Regional,’State, Narional and International, Sporting events only XY transitioned Females (fully transitioned) are able to compete with a minimum of 3 years to have elapsed post surgery. Also a case by case consideration must always be used to ensure the advantage in women’s competition has minimised enough to compete fairly in women completion. I also suggest that pre participation tests must be carried out such as base line V02 Oxygen Levels and muscle mass and bone density.

    3/ In high impact sports like the AFL at any level. I suggest the same criteria apply as per the requirements for international competition.

    I am only one person who has lived and breathed these changes and I am not saying I am the expert on this subject,’if there is actually an expert in all of this.

    Transgender Athlete Kirsty Miller. – Sportsday –

  2. Clearly the AFL doesn’t understand or just doesn’t want to acknowledge that being on estrogen and testosterone blockers will cause physical weakness in trans women. So much so that we are just as weak as natal females. So their point is so much bull crap.