Alleged gay killer’s accomplice indicted

Alleged gay killer’s accomplice indicted

A man who claims to have assisted an alleged serial gay rapist in the US state of Florida has been indicted to face drugs charges.

Scott Schweickert is charged with helping Steven Lorenzo to distribute a date-rape drug, which the pair allegedly used on young gay men before sexually assaulting them, reported.

Schweickert has alleged Lorenzo, a sexually dominant man who reportedly enjoys restraining partners during sex, was responsible for the killings of two Florida gay men in 2003.

Schweickert, who previously lived in Chicago, has also sparked the interest of authorities in that city, where the murders of two gay men remain unsolved, according to

Florida police are also investigating the disappearances of three men who lived opposite an apartment owned by Lorenzo.

Police say the disappearances bear similarities, but neither Schweickert nor Lorenzo has been charged with any of the suspected murders.

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