DJ Feisty

DJ Feisty

DJ Feisty plays at Phoenix every Saturday night and is a regular at the Colombian, Schmutzig and Queer Nation. She reveals her favourite five dance tracks at the moment.

Eric Entrena

I love Eric Entrena and I think this one’s a cracker. It’s what you might call Eastern tribal, featuring a traditional Arabic male vocal and instrumentation over nice chunky tribal beats and a driving bass line. I’m playing a few things with an Eastern flavour at the moment and this is one of the better ones.

Simon & Shaker feat. Alicia Hawks

The vocal on this one is so infectious it will stay in my head all day. I can play this anywhere and it goes down a treat. It also tends to signal we’re going up a notch and brings a certain energy to the room. Love it!

Eric Entrena & RPO feat. Nikol Kollars

I know, another Eric Entrena track but what can I do? This time he’s teamed up with producer RPO (Rick Pier O’Neil). The result is a tribal anthem with an energetic bass line and a vocal that says it all really: It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white -¦ no colour, no country, no judgment -¦ house music is. Nice!

Bones, DJ Mouse & Jabbar

With snappy tech-style beats and a deep punchy bass, this tune kicks your groove juices back in after a long night on the wiggle. I like to play this towards the end of the night as it has that chuggy effect I like so much.

Ramon Egea

This is one of the sexiest tunes I’ve heard in some time and it will lurk around in my record box for a while yet. The percussive elements combine with circuit-style synths that build and then drop into a deep sexy bass. And then there’s Ariana and her words -¦ I have no idea who she is, nor do I speak Spanish, but she can drop into Phoenix any time!

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