Exotic visions

Exotic visions

Baghdad-born photographer Essan Laurant’s latest exhibition, More-ish, is full of exotic mythological settings featuring a cast of characters that range from voluptuous courtesans to heroically muscled legionnaires.

While Laurant draws on an eclectic array of visual sources from various centuries and civilizations, his own background (his father is Persian, his mother French) is evident with his use of oriental motifs reminiscent of 19th century French Romantic painting.

Meanwhile the rapturous, wan look of the nearly-dead in some of his settings show Laurant’s attachment to the Pre-Raphaelites of 19th century Britain.

Laurant designed and made all the models’ costumes and does their make-up himself as well.

More-ish: The Exotic Visions Of Essan Laurant is on now until 30 May at CP PhotoGalleries, 78 Stanley Street, East Sydney (enter via Giotto Art Cafe).

Visit www.cpphoto.com.au for more information.

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