How do men measure up?

How do men measure up?

Researchers from Victoria University are conducting a study into the link between men’s penis size and sense of psychological wellbeing, and are looking for men to participate through an anonymous online survey.

Three hundred men have already undergone the tape measure test in order to aid scientists in their research, which is the first of its kind worldwide.

Principal researcher Dr Gerard Kennedy says the study is an important step towards understanding how body image affects men’s sense of wellbeing and what cultural influences impact upon self-image.

We want to know if men who report satisfaction with their penis size have higher self-esteem and better body image than men who are dissatisfied with the size of their penis, he told Sydney Star Observer.

If men believe that a large penis is the cultural ideal then this could affect how they perceive their general physical attractiveness.

Researchers are interested in gaining a wide scope of analysis and are therefore looking for volunteers to take part in an online survey.

There has been quite a lot of research conducted on women’s body image. However we know very little about men’s body image and the factors that impinge on the way males think about their bodies, the survey opens with, before inviting men to get empowered and do something about it.

The questionnaire consists of 62 questions and is only open to men aged 18 and above.

info: To take part in the survey head to

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