Paula of Bondi Junction’s sycophantic praise of Penny Wong had my eyes rolling and my stomach churning. I can’t possibly feel proud of anyone, let alone another homosexual Australian, who supports the Liberal, National and Labor parties’ bigotry.

Penny Wong had a great chance to make us proud four years ago when Howard introduced his ban on same-sex marriage. She could have voted against it, as the Greens and the Democrats did. Instead, she quietly allowed her party to support the Liberals and the Nationals in making Australia the first country in the world to legislate against same-sex marriage. Thanks for nothing, Penny.

-” Tony, Chippendale


Re Christians support gay de facto (SSO 930), how munificent of the ACL to give us their blessing!

Who needs them? Bloody god-botherers, we saw what they’re capable of and responsible for during Pope Dorothy’s visit last month.

What hypocrites! With evidence of their miserable shortcomings and offences against innocent kids going back centuries they still hold themselves up to the community as virtuous, honest and forgiving.

When will the deluded wake up and see what creeps these frauds are?

-” Stephen, Sydney


Well, hasn’t Brendan Nelson got egg on his face now! This was only referred to a Senate committee in the first place after frantic press releases from the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) promoting third-class interdependent status and they frantically pressured Nelson into opposing de facto and putting us into insulting interdependent status instead. And now, the ACL have backflipped and support de facto! WTF? So can we now just scrap all the Senate committees please! (And can someone please bring Brendan up to speed with the backflip the ACL have done on him? So now Nelson looks more extreme than the Australian Christian Lobby. Hahaha!)

-” David, Sydney


I really do not understand the judgmental attitude of people who are so ready to condemn anyone who becomes HIV-positive. I have seen the fear, anxiety and desperation of young people who think they may be positive for a variety of reasons, many outside their experience or in fact their control in cases of rape, and yet so readily judged by others. Waiting a week or two to get their results back from a sexual health clinic is a nightmare and I have seen many close to suicide awaiting results that are most often negative. We may have one of the best testing rates in the world but I bet we can do far better with rapid testing and it will let some not have to live a nightmare for a week or more.

-” Peter, Sydney


Re Heterophobia rife (SSO 930), I can understand the GLBQTI being offended by the pilgrims and their supporters. These hateful words were written by Joseph Ratzinger, a Vatican Cardinal in 2003: Homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered. Homosexual acts go against the natural moral law.

They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.

Why should we have welcomed these hate mongers? It’s rather similar to the local coffee shop that allegedly had links to Hillsong and American evangelical movements that advocated corrective therapy for homosexuals.

-” Shayne, Sydney


It is disingenuous of public figure Liberal Councillor Shayne Mallard to liken himself to the situation of private businessman, Snakebean proprietor Jeremy McNamara (who recently became an undeserving target of intolerance).

The reported diatribes against Snakebean over its WYD advertising are an unequivocal disgrace and the cowards writing them should be ashamed of themselves.

Cr Mallard, however, is an elected public representative and should expect due criticism for his party’s continued obfuscation over equality reforms plus its denial and rejection of equal marriage. With good reason, it rings a bit hollow for him to preach from the Liberal pulpit about tackling homophobia and intolerance.

-” Brendan, Wollongong


Re Heterophobia rife (SSO 930), really? Nowhere in the accompanying article does it even mention an apparent fear of heterosexuals and, furthermore, it implies that all Catholics must be straight.

Frankly, I have little sympathy for Snakebean owner Jeremy McNamara. While Oxford St is no longer solely the dominion of the GLBTQI community, through his own words and his own actions he has shown that he recognises that there is still a strong presence. Why would someone who, knowing the community’s aversion to the Catholic Church and to World Youth Day, actively invite the pilgrims? That’s bad business and he has wished this issue upon himself.

Lastly, I thought it particularly quaint of Shayne Mallard to offer his support. What Mallard doesn’t add is that the comments he’s received and those of McNamara are separate issues. I don’t particularly have any issue with him being gay and being Liberal -“ neither your sexuality nor your politics should determine who you are. But to use his sexuality as a chip to get elected to the City of Sydney Council (only one month away!) and profess to stick up for gay rights on our behalf is pathetic.

It is ironic that we fight for acceptance only to experience prejudice from our own community, but even more telling is that Mallard fights for this equality on behalf of the Liberal Party -“ who actively campaign against that very same equality. The very fact he can’t make this distinction shows that, worse than being gay or a Liberal, he’s just delusional.

-” James, East Hills


Re Mardi Gras walks a prudent path (SSO 930), after years of paying membership fees in return for little more than a slim discount on dance party tickets, it’s pleasing to see New Mardi Gras finally has a chairman who is looking after the members. The members’ party at the Midnight Shift was a great night out and I’m looking forward to the next one.

-” Ian, Sydney


Re Mardi Gras posts record profit (, it wouldn’t have mattered who was in charge of Mardi Gras, it would have made a profit during the 30th anniversary.

What is more interesting is the poor ticket sales for Sleaze Ball last year and the fact it made no profit.

Sleaze, I understand, has always been Mardi Gras’ cash cow.

Perhaps NMG should reconsider the way it is promo-ting Sleaze to the public and its advertising campaign. I certainly saw very few advertisements for it last year.

­-” Jason, Erskineville


Re Launch party at Fair Day (SSO 929), what a great idea David! I think it is time we looked at how we can better streamline the entire Mardi Gras festival. While there is something to be said about repetition and reliability, if you don’t keep things fresh then people become complacent. I am looking forward to seeing how Launch and Fair Day come together. I think there is something really special possible from this. Good luck.

-” Felix, St Peters


The International Star articles are really interesting. It’s great to see the strategies that have been applied under different systems of government and social institutions.

It’s especially interesting to see how some countries who were previously much more segrega-ted (e.g. South Africa) have passed laws more progressive than those here in Australia, even though the real-world implications of those laws doesn’t seem to reflect the actual situation of those living there.

It’s a very uplifting series of articles, which really highlight the struggles yet to be fought and how far we all have yet to go.

-” Tomas, Sydney


Wow! I didn’t know that South Africa had this clause of equality on the basis of sexual orientation in their very constitution. This is an idea other gay organisations can take on board. If this equal opportunity clause can be added to the constitution of a country, all other laws will automatically change according to the constitutional obligation.

It’s great to know about gay situations in different countries, Lyndon. I think this is a great idea you brought to light.

-” Qazi, Sydney


I grew up in South Africa and have been back on many occasions. I have found incredible acceptance of gay lifestyles and found the general public are in favour of same-sex marriages.

In fact I have found South Africa to be more accepting of same-sex couples than Aussies. In South Africa there seem to be more important things to worry about and here in Australia it seems to be its okay as long as it is not one of my kids.

-” Malcolm, Sydney

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