When Mercury goes retrograde the most potent influence is when Mercury is in its stationary position. This occurs just before the retrograde starts and just before it moves forward again.

The reason it is more intense is because the effect of Mercury is more concentrated. This is like when you sit still and observe your thoughts. Not that you are thinking any more than usual but because you are paying attention to them it seems more erratic.

Now let’s bring Aquarius into the mix. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Uranus rules over electricity. Mercury rules over communication. Aquarius is a sign governing over large groups and the larger communities. When Mercury is in retrograde communication goes amiss. Mix in communication that relies on electricity used by large groups and you will find that emails, the web, telephones, faxes and all forms of communication go haywire.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Mars is still in retrograde in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury. Expect huge misunderstandings bordering on court action. Luckily Mars comes out of retrograde on 31 January.

Friday we see things easing a bit but still triple check any information you send out, especially emails and what you say to others. A word of advice over this period -“ speak and treat others as you yourself would like to be spoken and treated.


This retrograde period continues to take you on your journey of re-thinking and re-evaluating the people in your life. Your current circumstances have a lot to do with your past. Maybe it’s time to shed the old and move on to the new. Careful contemplation and really being honest with yourself is the best way to go.


If you are starting a new career or job, make sure you have thoroughly reviewed your contract. If you are still contemplating a career move, then take your time to weigh up all the important factors. Meaningful vocations are crucial for everyone, but this choice is very significant.


You may find your interest is peaked when it comes to areas of life you haven’t yet explored. Testing philosophies and trying out new concepts is always an adventure and will lead on to gaining increased knowledge on a worldly scale. Try not to dismiss information until you have had a chance to sit with it for a while.


Financial concerns, past, present and future need to be examined, as well as old relationships and anything that involved joint ventures. It’s time to discard the old and make room for the new because this retrograde phase is in your eighth house of transformation. Break down old structures and rebuild them.


The focus is still on love and relationships. Make sure you use this time to re-define what it is you want and need, bearing in mind the recent changes you would have gone through. You may have developed different boundaries and standards when it comes to surrounding yourself with caring, passionate people.


Daily routines may become more of a nuisance. This is happening in order to assist with the task of cleaning up processes that don’t work anymore. Whether it’s your personal or professional life, it will be apparent in both. Don’t let the frustrations get on top of you; get on top of them instead.


Achieving a work/life balance is crucial for everyone’s holistic health. If you have been spending too much time on the work front, the next three weeks are going to give you the opportunity to put rules in place to help rectify the imbalance. Romance is always a great distraction from work stresses.


This retrograde occurs in your fourth zone of home, security and the past. Issues concerning these areas need to be addressed. The issues may not be completely resolved as the retrograde period is more for reflection than resolution however, it needs to be out in the open. Thorough examination will help to avoid misunderstandings.


Take your time, think it through and avoid acting compulsively. You could find yourself saying things you don’t mean or doing things that are out of character. This will mainly relate, but not be confined, to affairs concerning cash, career, business ventures and relationships.


Assessment of your beliefs and values and how these relate to the development of your individuality will be a point of focus for the next three weeks. This retrograde also involves something from the past coming back, to give you further food for thought. This is all in aid of learning about you.


You will have had or are having your birthday and it will be the most significant one so far. Not the actual day itself, but more so the period as it’s a time for reflection of your life to this point. Do things need to change? Are you happy with how things are going? Take your time with these questions.


Your subconscious zone is still highlighted as this is where the retrograde period is happening for you. Re-assessing principles, bringing your true feelings to the surface and continuing to bridge the gap between heart and head are the tasks that lie ahead. Periods of solitude will be healthy for you.

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