On 27 March Mercury, Venus and Uranus will be conjunct in Pisces. A conjunction is a harmonious combination when the planets are in one sign at the same time intensifying each other.

Astrology is like cooking. On it’s own a tomato is just a tomato and basil is just basil but take a tomato and add fresh basil with salt and lemon juice and you have a hearty nutritional meal.

So too the planets this week are cooking up a sumptuous feast with Venus the planet of love, Mercury the planet of communication and Uranus the planet of evolutionary thought all in Pisces, the star sign of spiritual vision.

Combined they will create a spiritual vision that is aligned with our thoughts, feelings and soul.

Injecting into this sumptuous concoction is a sextile with Jupiter in Capricorn. A sextile creates a dynamic harmonious effect and with Jupiter at the helm expect a magical mystery tour adventure.


The changes going on within your psyche could be causing some discomfort. You may not even want to face it. They are part of you and it’s taking place because it’s necessary. You may need to work extra hard and take an honest look at what is going on for you. Relax and let things unfold before taking any action.


Changes are happening and will continue where your friends and networks are concerned. You will make new acquaintances and old relationships may cease. The old needs to make way for the new and with travel and career in heavy focus this year, who knows what connections may start you on a new path.


Your career and social role is impacted by this alignment. Sudden, unexpected changes may happen. Broadening your horizons and looking outside normal constraints may open up an opportunity you hadn’t counted on. It could even be as simple as changing your point of view that will result in changes around you.


The world around you may start to look different. Generally it’s the changes within you that make everything else look different. Higher education – either study or seeing the world – is encouraged as expanding your mind gives you more options in life. You don’t have to be rich and fly anywhere, there’s plenty of literature or DVDs to educate you.


This marks a time of transformation and balancing your needs with everyone else. There’s a fine line between being selfish and knowing your worth when it comes to asking for something. Recent forecasts have mentioned knowing your worth. This is an extension of that. You can achieve compromise and still get what you need.


Current events may show you how certain one-on-one relationships affect you. The change will ultimately be in you depending on how much you choose to deal with. Our emotions can affect our health too so take care of yourself on all levels. If there is something depleting your energy look at ways to guard yourself.


Feeling good about our past, whether it was positive or negative, helps us shape the decisions we make in the present. We make better decisions when we are happier and feel more balanced in our daily life. We’re also more inclined to focus on our needs and not just the other persons. This is a great time for you to experience feeling good about yourself.


The creative energy should be flowing quite well for you and if it’s not, ask what is blocking it. This is an important question as there’s so much on offer. Think outside of what you normally would and let go of the usual way of doing things. Be creative and think big, using your intuition for what feels right.


Your sense of security can feel unstable due to this planetary alignment. It can feel like there has been a shake-up of values and what you held on to. The past belongs in the past and we can change the course of how it impacts us from here on. Look for the blessings in disguise and start again if you have to.


Increased mental activity could possibly lead to overload. This is a time for surprising new thought patterns to emerge. Thinking about what you value and believe in will change. There could be some sudden changes with your siblings also.


Your imagination can run wild with all the things that you can do. A good boost to the self-esteem is evident and more confidence in your skills and talents. This can lead on to developments with money that could go either way. Listen to your inner voice for guidance.


Big changes where your individuality is concerned. A lot has been going on for you lately and this is another point in the journey for more discoveries. You are capable of a lot and it could be that your next step in a new direction is around the corner.

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