Star on the rise

Star on the rise

So who is Amy Pearson?

In a nutshell she is one of a string of pop wannabes pushing her way into our hearts and music collections. But what puts her at the top of the pack is her talent and respect for the gay community.

I’m 22 now and been living in Australia for three years. I came from a small working class town in Birmingham and I felt that music was my shining light and the route to everything good, Pearson said.

The gay community is one of the biggest communities that I’ve had the most support from and it’s wonderful.

Stepping out from a different background, I tried to become the person I’d already been but without the background. I want people to not be afraid of who you are.

Pearson is the voice behind the hit singles Don’t Miss You and Screw You. Her new album Who I Am is in the stores now.
Her song Lost Without Your Love featured in the hit movie Closing The Ring, starring Mischa Barton.

Last week her new single Ready To Fly was released, which is also the official Olympic anthem for Channel Seven. The single includes a B-side duet with Guy Sebastian called We Both Know.

Pearson said her song could be interpreted in many ways, but she considered it her signature track because is about her move from England three years ago, something she still feels emotional about.

I hope people can see it as a coming out song as well, Pearson said. I’ve spoken to a couple of my friends about it and they agree. The first verse is about looking around you and it’s the same place but it’s different.

A guy who I know recently came out -“ I’m so proud of him -“ and his whole world now has changed and he can be himself.
Also, the drive remix makes a great club track.

Pearson is planning a special one-off show sometime in May and while there is no word on the venue, Pearson said she had been under a lot of pressure from her gay fans to perform at a Sydney gay venue. We wait with our fingers crossed.

Who I Am is in stores this week. For more on Amy Pearson visit

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