SSO: It’s been a while since we’ve heard from you -“ what have you been up to?

Sue-Ann Post: Let’s see: bought a house, moved to the country, made a documentary and wrote a book. So I’ve been busy but somewhat invisible.

Couldn’t afford to buy a city house and quite frankly didn’t want to. I’m a country girl at heart. Though I am a little bit worried about our choice of destination.

Every time I mention that I’ve moved to the Dandenongs at lesbian gigs, the whole crowd bursts out laughing. And they won’t tell me why. What do they know that I don’t?


The comedy industry -“ hetero-centric, male-dominated, self-indulgent, ego-driven. Do you agree or not?

Sue-Ann Post: I agree whole-heartedly, but you missed drunken. You have to love it though.

It’s a natural counter-balance to the touchy/feely group dynamic of, say, actors.

And one person’s self-indulgence is another person’s idea of genius.

Seeing how the whole world is hetero-centric and male-dominated, I don’t think you should single out the comedy world as being naughty in that respect.

I have noticed over the years though, that commercial telly and radio seem to prefer their women decorative and deferential.

That’s part of the reason why I prefer live stand-up in a venue; audiences couldn’t give a crap about gender or preference. As long as you’re funny, they’ll eventually warm to you.


Lesbians and gays seem to have taken over the mainstream (Queer Eye, Will & Grace, The L Word, Little Britain) yet we still seem to be fighting for basic relationship rights.

Sue-Ann Post:

If you’re talking about marriage I am so not interested. Why on earth would I want to buy into such a stupid, constricting, Christian way of life?

I’ll take basic human rights over marriage rights any day of the week.


Lesbian parenting -“ is that something you would ever consider?

Sue-Ann Post:

Not in a pink fit. I’ve been aunt, Sunday School teacher and guardian.

Kiddies are okay mostly, but I’ve done my dash thank you very much and have absolutely no interest in becoming a parent.


This latest book -“ what’s on your mind? Tell us all.

Sue-Ann Post:

No one should be surprised that this book is mostly concerned with sex and God (though not at the same time).

It’s all about my trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, to perform to a bunch of gay and lesbian Mormons.

It’s roughly three parts travelogue to two parts religious catharsis. I should warn people though, that any atheists or other Christians thinking they might get a free laugh at the Mormons’ expense are in for a bit of a surprise.

It was my intent to offend equally across the whole religious spectrum. Well, someone has to do it.

Sue-Ann Post’s The Confession Of An Unrepentant Lesbian Ex-Mormon is published by ABC Books.

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