It’s no surprise there’s some Real Freaky Shit on the internet. There is, however, an upper peak of Real Freaky Shit that exists in an online world of its own. Take, for example, the Ladies Against Feminism.

Committed to serving their husbands, dressing modestly and returning to the dream days of womanhood -“ the 1950s, at the very latest -“ the Ladies Against Feminism are weird to the point where a visitor thinks: This is a joke, right?

Wrong. Inviting a visitor to join the new revolution, the Ladies Against Feminism have established their site to promote maidenhood, modesty, virtue, intelligence, womanly arts and femininity. According to LAF founder Stanley Sherman (yep, he’s a bloke) the ideal life is that of Biblical womanhood where a lady turns her back on work in order to devote time to making her house beautiful for her husband, remaining modest and accepting the fact that men and women are certainly not equal.

LAF advises women who are poor, single, abused or the wretched children of divorced parents to be careful of the job they take -“ be sure, they warn, that the job won’t interfere with your modest life. University is unnecessary, the Girl Guides are a feminist training camp, home-schooling is the only way to avoid the dangerous environment of the public school system, and no man should be served, apart from a lady’s husband.

Phew. There’s even a column about our Nic’s new film The Stepford Wives, written by Lady Lydia (otherwise known as Mrs Stanley Sherman). LL has seen the original Stepford Wives. She remembers it fondly, the beautiful homes, the honour between wife and husband. The fact that the women were all being pharmaceutically controlled was unfortunate, LL thinks, and the whole film is a dig at women who want to dress beautifully and make a perfect meal, or have a beautiful home.

Anyway, tempted as I am to submit an article to the Ladies Against Feminism exposing the difficulties of my life as a skirt-chasing, tits-out-at-dance-parties lesbian, the whole thing is a bit too freaky for me. I’m going back to the Boytaur site to look at Photoshopped pictures of four-legged men in various states of arousal. They may be bizarre half-horse and half-man creatures, but at least they’re not concerned with modest dress.

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