Plans revealed for Melbourne LGBTI retirement home

Plans revealed for Melbourne LGBTI retirement home
Image: (Photo by Paola Kizette Cimenti via Flickr Creative Commons)

OLDER and ageing LGBTI people in Victoria will soon have the option of a new aged care home environment in Melbourne’s inner-city suburb Prahran under a project set to start building in the next two years.

Aged care provider Lifeview Residential Care aims to provide retirement living apartments and aged care living for the LGBTI community, through a $50 million high-end development that also offers retail spaces.

“A development such as this gives older LGBTI Australians, their friends, and family, choice in terms of aged care living within the community in which they already reside,” Lifeview Director Peter Reilly said.

“It is our belief this development will be the first inner-city offering of this type in Melbourne, and possibly Australia, by a current approved aged care provider.”

Research demonstrates LGBTI people have poorer health outcomes than the general population, and elders from these communities are more likely to avoid or delay seeking care as a result of actual or perceived discrimination.

“Ensuring inclusive care for all is something we are passionate about and committed to. Building this LGBTI and friends development is something we have been striving to achieve for many years,”Lifeview chief executive Madeline Gall said.

Lifeview has secured a 2662sq m site cornering Greville and Charles streets in Prahran, and have already begun working on the site’s design with local architects CHT.

“This development will ensure ageing LGBTI consumers can access care and services where they are valued, and where staff understand their needs, all whilst remaining in the vibrant inner-city environment in which they currently live and socialise,” Reilly said.

This development forms part of Lifeview’s five-year strategic plan, which also includes its previously-announced specialist dementia centre of excellence and their journey towards achieving the Rainbow Tick.

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3 responses to “Plans revealed for Melbourne LGBTI retirement home”

  1. About time! I’ve worked in aged care for over 40 years and have seen cases where people have been abused simply for being gay by other residents whilst care staff have laughed and turned a blind eye! Even one suspicious death at a hostel in north Melbourne shortly after I’d have enough and resigned. It’s been taunted that a nursing home for retired Gays* for many years, and why not? nearly every religion has exemptions for everything. Remember the lard pub in Collingwood Melbourne they have an exemption that applies to women. What we need is somewhere safe where we can be ourselves without fear or threat! The elderly are beautiful souls gay, bi or straight! They deserve the right to dignity and safety in their own home!