Electro girls don’t blush

Electro girls don’t blush

The Blush Foundation is Australia’s all-female electro-pop group with a sound similar to Kate Bush, Peaches and Kraftwerk, with a touch of The Knives and Annie Lennox.

The band met in 2004 and were drawn together over a shared love of early 80s electro and synth pop.  The group is famous for their track Designer Vagina, which was produced by Paul Mac.

“It’s a tongue-in-cheek dancefloor sensation. Our sound is fresh and current yet recalls an era when pop music was more idiosyncratic and melodies were more adventurous and beats were non-uniform,” Blush Foundation’s Billie Moore said.

“We feel like we are part of a growing backlash against generic top-40 style music.”

The girls are playing at the Sandringham Hotel with Bracode on Saturday 23 February and also at the Official Mardi Gras after-party on Saturday 1 March.

“We reflect the queer community’s subversive qualities, and its playfulness, honesty – we love a good party,” Moore said.

“At the party you can definitely expect an animated performance. Playing live electrifies us. Look forward to a riotous mélange of colour and energy.”

info: www.myspace.com/blushfoundation.

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