Terms & Conditions

1. Advertisers will be invoiced upon publication. Payment terms are strictly 7 days upon receipt of invoice. If payment is not received within 7 days from date of publication, the Publisher reserves the right to commence recovery action to recover unpaid monies. In the event this occurs, you will be liable for all reasonable costs associated with collection of outstanding monies

2. All advertisements are subject to approval by the publisher and the publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement at its absolute discretion.

3. The publisher accepts no responsibility for any loss resulting from the failure of an advertisement, in full or part, to appear or for any error in an advertisement.

4. Artwork must be supplied to the specifications in the rate card. The publisher reserves the right to change incorrectly supplied artwork to meet the specifications of the publication and reserves the right to pass on associated costs to the advertiser.

5. The publisher takes no responsibility whatsoever for errors in supplied artwork or files.

6. Cancellations must be advised in writing at minimum with one month’s notice or will be charged at the full booked rate.

7. Artwork designed on behalf of the advertiser must be checked and approved by the advertiser by the stated deadline. The publisher takes no responsibility for errors or loss which is identified after the deadline.

8. The advertiser and its agencies warrant that material supplied complies with all relevant laws and regulations and indemnifies the publisher against any and all claims for damages, loss, costs, compensation, copyright or any liability whatsoever including defamation, slander, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks, business names and patents arising from publication.

9. No permission is granted for publication of material elsewhere, without the express written permission of the Publisher.

10. Frequency discounts are only available to contract advertisers who advertise consecutively. If a contract is cancelled prior to its completion, the rate is adjusted to the frequency rate that has been earned and the advertiser is billed the difference.

11. Failure to pay within 30 days of the invoice date voids any discounted rate or other discounts which have been afforded to the advertiser. The advertiser is then liable for the full one time frequency rate on all ads booked.

12. Accounts which are more than 30 days overdue, will attract a collection agency fee equivalent to 20% of the full amount outstanding

13. We may disclose your personal details to a credit reporting agency where any monies that you owe to us is more than 60 days outstanding

14. We may make changes to our terms from time to time. Our updated terms and conditions can be viewed on our website.

15. In the event an outstanding balance is subject to internal or external debt recovery, all costs incurred are the responsibility of the advertiser

16. All advertisements which are placed by an employee of the advertiser are deemed to be placed at the request of the advertiser after the initial invoice has been sent to the advertiser.

17.The person signing the contract takes full liability for the monies owed by that contract.