I am a founding member of New Mardi Gras and a member of Mardi Gras since 1983. I received an email from NMG outlining upcoming events and providing advice on a decision by someone to reduce the members ticket purchase from two to one.
How has a decision been made to devalue my long-term relationship so that I have to pay an additional amount for my partner to attend the NMG party?
In light of the fiasco that split the parade and party, just what the hell do these people on the membership committees and board actually breathe because it certainly isn’t Sydney gay air? Or is that the point?
What exactly is NMG’s raison d’etre? A parade. A party. A festival.
Why would you want to become a member of an institution (or membership company) that continues to defy logic and/or at least accountability. How were members notified of this change, and why was it taken?  And please, no puff pieces from the CEO or co-chairs — don’t insult us.
The voices in dark recesses behind the NMG board and committees say they aren’t interested in parties and they are too old/tired for that. Newsflash — lots of Sydney guys and gals aren’t. They’ve already decided there is no point in becoming or staying NMG members because they not only get unfathomable decisions like this, they can perceive no real benefit to being a member. Remind me, why am I?
— Steven
What a breach of contract that has been dished out to [NMG] members re ticket allocation.
You tell us we can only have one ticket per member yet many couples joined as a pair and now must either rejoin or as many will drop out altogether. You threaten membership cancellation if more than one ticket is applied for.
I can’t see myself rejoining when my membership expires. You seem to want to put a nail in the old very fabby Mardi Gras coffin.
— Fred
I would like to know why the death of the fascist Mary Daly [SSO 1004] rates a mention.
I don’t understand separatists or misogynists. I thought our community was about acceptance and not fundamentalist extremes.
No other kind of fascism is tolerated yet this is OK because it punishes men… hmmmm. That will really help bring us all together.
Some of the most vile men on the planet have a supportive woman standing behind them. Some of the most violent men have been tortured as a child by a female, either mother or another relative.
I am all for guy- or girl-only spaces so people can create an atmosphere but not to preach hate and intolerance. Let’s all just try to get along and accept each other’s differences.
— Bryan
Would it not be better to embrace the word ‘homosexual’ rather than ‘gay’, ‘queer’, ‘GLBTI’ …. xyz.
While we cry for rights of marriage, should we not use a self-address that is legally defendable and that has legal integrity? Are we not spoiling our own cause by not using it?
— Murray
I find it amusing that the Reverend Gordon Moyes, the new leader of NSW Family First, is concerned about the issue of property division upon separation for same-sex couples.
Does Moyes not realise that same-sex couples have had the same rights as heterosexual de facto couples to access the NSW relationship property division scheme since 1999? Better still, since March 2009, same-sex de facto couples who separate are now treated in the same way as married couples and can lodge their property and parenting disputes directly with the Family Court.
It’s nice to see that NSW Family First supports granting same-sex couples rights upon separation, even if it is a decade too late. Now, how about some meaningful support for real reform in the current millennium? Same-sex discrimination in adoption laws remains.
— Ghassan
CEO Leonie Young’s patronising letter (SSO 1005) is disappointing.
If that forum was the first of its kind, perhaps she means the first beyondblue attended with their claimed new attitude. She may also mean she only started listening to criticisms of beyondblue in the last six months of last year.
She appears to be ignoring the real test of her sincerity: it will sit oddly to belatedly start pointing to homophobia as a cause of anxiety and depression while giving shelter to their own chairperson Jeff Kennett, one of the nation’s most notorious homophobes.
She needs to publicly reject Kennett’s assertion that community bodies have a duty of care not to employ other-than-heterosexuals, since they are like pedophiles (in the criminal sense). How hard can that be?

— Robert
Allegations over conflicts of interest made against me by the Greens and their community agents and reported in the media have been investigated by the Department of Local Government and totally dismissed.
In a letter dated January 12 the Deputy Director-General of the Department of Premier and Cabinet examined the issues and said that “the Division determined that this matter does not warrant further action..”
The Greens have been caught out misusing their position in Parliament and their bogus watchdog ‘Democracy4Sale’ has been exposed as a political sham.
The politically motivated mud-throwing by the Greens and their bogus fronts has blown up in their face. This proves that the Greens are not genuinely interested in political donation reform but merely distorting the issue in an ongoing attempt to damage their political opponents. They take no responsibility for the damage they cause.
Now that I have been totally cleared the question for the Greens and their agents, will they apologise to me and my family and desist from the politics of mud-throwing that only damages the standing of all people elected to serve in public office?
— Councillor Shayne Mallard, City of Sydney

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