A full moon occurs when the moon is on the opposite side of the earth from the sun, and when these three “planets” form a straight line.
Astrologically the full moon is always in the opposite sign to the current sun sign. The sun moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius on 23 November at about 3.45am EST.
This month’s full moon is in Gemini on 24 November at about 10.30pm. The characteristic qualities of the moon are associated with words like mother, feelings, home and security. The qualities of Gemini’s moon are logic, mind, language and idea.
Overall, the full moon is a great time to strip off naked and bathe in the ocean with the dolphins and get in touch with your goddess. Enjoy.
The full moon is highlighting your need to communicate your feelings. Expressing yourself with passion can sometimes be mistaken for anger, but you’ll get there with a little tact. Speak calmly and softly and try not to engage in arguments when someone says something you don’t like.
This is a good time to put pen to paper and mark your progress over the last two weeks. It’s good to have a record of periods of transformation, especially those that have taken a toll on your self-esteem. Noting how far you’ve come can solidify your recent efforts … let the ink help you.
The moon is illuminating the inner part of you. What does your soul really want? After recent weeks have pushed and pulled you, this time can help you decide what you need to move forward. The full moon brings issues to the surface. Address what you find and your wellbeing will thank you for it.
This can be a magical time of year for you as your zone of the subconscious is lit up. Trying to assimilate this with your day-to-day earthly matters can sometimes cause confusion and frustration. One way that can help ease the tension: don’t take life too seriously and relax. Let the processes flow.
Your true feelings about your networks and friendships, both old and new, are coming to light. Don’t be afraid of being true to yourself and re-establishing boundaries. It’s nice to be concerned for the feelings of others. However, it’s of great benefit to honour your own feelings too.
You’re energised and revitalised, firing on all cylinders where career and social standing are concerned. It’s been a hard slog, but the rewards will come. A new mindset around work will prove beneficial and you will be supported by your colleagues. Socially, you’ll feel renewed and may want to pamper yourself.
Pondering the philosophical side of life will let you (a) take a break from mundane matters, (b) drift off to a different world, or (c) let you find a couple of reasons why recent times have been the way they have. Rather than focusing on the details of late, let yourself entertain a few non-consequential thoughts.
At the beginning of this month, it was all up for re-designing. You’ve had a bit of time to take a glimpse at what it’s leading to. Now how do you feel about it? Your transformation is asking you to feel secure about what you’ve done. Your bank balance is also asking you to be cautious. You are setting the trend for the coming year. Feel good about it.
With the moon shining brightly in your opposite sign, your one-on-one dealings are highlighted. Fair exchanges will be addressed and you may find doing this a little draining. It takes a lot of energy to create cohesive relationships, while honouring your true feelings. Take time out to refuel.
You’re being shown that if you do take care of yourself, it’s easier to take care of others. Your mental, emotional and physical health need to be looked after. It’s funny how these things relate to each other and how one affects the other. So start with you first and see what happens with the rest.
Fun, romance and play are three wonderful words that probably have been missing for a while. If not, be careful they don’t go missing. Achieving a work/life balance is sometimes harder than some people think and practical matters do need to be taken care of. Try to focus your energy evenly.
Issues of security, home and the past are surfacing now and have been a source of contention for some time. Your recent, steady progress has equipped you with the necessary skills to deal with this. Go confidently, knowing that you will triumphantly address what needs to be addressed.

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