Tasmania’s upper house gives in-principle support to legal reforms for trans people

Tasmania’s upper house gives in-principle support to legal reforms for trans people
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Tasmania’s upper house has given in-principle support to landmark legal reforms for trans and gender diverse people, with amendments still being debated.

Advocates welcomed the result of the vote which took place late on Tuesday, passing with eight votes for and six against.

 “The Upper House vote giving in-principle support to these landmark reforms is an important step forward,” said Transforming Tasmania spokesperson Martine Delaney.

“It was clear from the speeches of those Upper House members who support the proposed reforms that the personal stories of transgender people and our families have made a real difference.

“We look forward to working with Upper House members as they debate the amendments that have been put forward.”

Tasmania’s Legislative Council today passed amendments to the Anti-Discrimination Act relating to the Justice and Related (Marriage Amendment) Bill 2018, with debate ongoing on further amendments related to the legislation.

Independent MP for Windermere Ivan Dean continued to argue against the bill, having previously introduced a petition calling for the legislation to be subject to further inquiry, which advocates have called a delay tactic.

“What consultation process has gone through in relation to all of these amendments publicly and with the people?” Dean said.

“I just have not been able to keep up with it to be quite frank with you and it has frustrated me to hell.”

Murchison MLC Ruth Forrest, who introduced the reforms, said she had consulted widely on the bill and that the months of public and parliamentary debate were more than sufficient inquiry.

Advocates from Tasmanian Families for Trans Kids have previously invited organisations campaigning against the reforms to meet with them to understand why they support the changes.

Debate on amendments is expected to continue late into Wednesday night and resume on Thursday.

Should the legislation pass, the bill will be returned to the lower house when it resumes sitting on Tuesday April 9.

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