Uganda bill back on table

Uganda bill back on table

Uganda’s new parliament will consider the notorious anti-homosexuality bill, according to media reports this morning.

The last parliament ran out of time to debate the draft legislation before it was dissolved last week. The bill calls for the death penalty for some cases of gay sex.

According to a BBC World News Service report and one from the Ugandan Daily Monitor, the new parliament will debate the controversial anti-gay bill.

The bill received worldwide condemnation from countries, gay rights campaigners and human rights groups, including US President Barack Obama, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Australia’s Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd.


It was thought the bill was dead after the previous parliament failed to debate it and an international petition calling for it to be dropped gathered almost two million signatures.

Uganda is currently in a state of political unrest. President Yoweri Museveni (pictured) has just been sworn in for his fourth term after 25 years in power, following a disputed election. Some commentators have suggested the anti-homosexuality bill may have been brought back to distract the country’s attention from a government crackdown on mass protests over high food and petrol prices.

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