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Gay as in funny

For about a month every year, you can hardly walk down the street in Melbourne without an up-and-coming comedian trying to convince you to come to their show. Benjamin Riley spoke to a few of the country’s top gay comedians ahead of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival — and the Sydney Comedy Festival which follows soon after — to find out what’s so funny about being gay.

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A scene from "Night Out", which will have its 25th anniversary screening during the Melbourne Queer Film Festival this year.

Director’s cut: Lawrence Johnston talks about his film “Night Out”

This year marks 25 years of the Melbourne Queer Film Festival, and the final one curated by legendary, long-standing festival director Lisa Daniel. Benjamin Riley spoke to a few local directors with films screening during MQFF to get their take on queer Australian cinema, and to preview their world-class films. First off, here’s “Night Out” director Lawrence Johnston.

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