Dolphins mark 30th milestone

Dolphins mark 30th milestone

The Dolphin Motorcycle Club (DMC) has been a social group and support network for gay men for years and this Queen’s Birthday long weekend the organisation will celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Greg Tucker, who has been club president for 14 years and a member since 1981, said over the decades the group has kept a low profile, but hopes the 30th anniversary would attract a wave of younger riders.

Things have changed in the last 30 years and the need for specific gay groups has lessened, Tucker told Sydney Star Observer.

There are a lot of gay bikers in Sydney, but a lot of them now are just as comfortable joining a straight motorcycle club. It’s a double-edged sword.

But there is still a need for a group like us and there always will be, just not as big as it was a few years ago.

The club’s goal for 2009 is to raise its profile in the gay community. In the past, DMC was known for its strict members policies but with the influx of a newer generation, the club is hoping to become less formal and more relaxed.

We are a motorcycle club and every month we have motorcycle rides. We don’t go in big parades or put onpublic events like dance parties -” we just exist for ourselves, Tucker said.

It’s not an excuse for husband-hunting or sexual adventure. I’ve been the contact person for enquiries and I’m amused that people ring up and ask, -˜when is your next sling party?’

People presume if you’re a biker group you must be into leather S/M. We wear leather for protection and to keep warm on the road -” it’s not a fashion statement.

The club has always been community-minded. Over the years it has donated more than $27,000 mainly to gay charities.

DMC will hold their 30th anniversary festivities for members at the Clarence Hotel on Saturday, June 6, followed by the unveiling of their club shield in Manacle at the start of the Harbour City Bear’s Chunky party at 9pm.

info: For more details on the Dolphin Motorcycle Club call Greg Tucker on 0413 592 890.

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