Dykes on Bikes do their bit

Dykes on Bikes do their bit

The Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service celebrated getting a donation for $2,500 from the Dykes on Bikes over tea and cupcakes last week, in a ceremony which is set to become a regular event.

Dykes on Bikes president Neddie Mesure said it was a pleasant surprise for both organisations that such a considerable cheque could be handed over.

Each year at our AGM our members vote on which charities they would like to donate to if we manage to turn a profit, she told Sydney Star Observer.

It just so happened that we had a really good year so all of our charities, the GLCS, the Luncheon Club and Monica’s Doggy Rescue all received $2,500.

The GLCS was this year once again voted as one of our charities of choice. I think for our members it’s important because we can all remember what it’s like to be young and coming out and want to do what we can to help people.

All of the money raised by the Dykes on Bikes will be directed to the GLCS’s women’s coming-out group.

So successful was the cheque ceremony, with DOBs mingling and joking with counsellors, that it has not been ruled out that a tea and cupcakes event will become an open community event in the future.

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