Kelly Lynch’s Selection

Kelly Lynch’s Selection

Kelly Lynch, resident DJ at the Bank Hotel’s girls’ night Tasty, gives us her top five dance tracks at the moment.

Disco Darlings

I love this because it’s very fresh, very clean and it’s got nice vocals. It’s the sort of track that, no matter what style of music you listen to, you’d enjoy it on the dancefloor. The vocals aren’t too housie -“ when they are, things can get a bit monotonous. It’s really spunky and fresh and springy. It’s a good all-rounder.

The Loose Cannons

This one’s a little bit more in the electronic genre and more progressive, but cheeky and naughty with some nice fat electronic sounds in it that grab you. It’s not a typical sound you hear clubbing. It’s unpredictable, but it’s really warm and encompasses you.

Purple Beat

It’s a good big party sound. This electronic track has some clean strong sounds that just grab you because of their uniqueness. It’s got that power that makes you think, Shit, I can’t leave the dancefloor for this one.

Junior Jack featuring Robert Smith

Robert Smith is of course from The Cure. This is a really full, strong-sounding track and it’s got nice build in it. There’s some good breaks in there -“ not so much break-beats, but breaks as in when the music stops and builds itself up again. So I think that keeps people on the edge. The track just winds itself right out and brings itself back in again. It’s got a lot of power in it.

David Lubner vs Supachannel

A fun, fast, funky driving track. It’s clean and progressive but it’s got punch in it. Whether you like your house hard or progressive or tribal, I think it’s a really reliable track and it’s really fresh. It’s got underlying guitar licks and saxophone and is implemented with real music, so this is one of those that’s a guaranteed success.

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