The power of the woman

The power of the woman

Deborah Conway’s Broad concert series is back for a third year – but this time it’s at the iconic Sydney Opera House.

The show features four other prominent female musicians from different backgrounds. Anne McCue, Abbe May, Sally Seltmann and R&B singer Jade MacRae will join Conway for the gala evening.

The musical styles vary from Nashville-based country rock to classical and contemporary pop.

“This year’s has the most amazing and diverse group of girls. The voices are so different and beautiful in their own sphere,” Conway told the Star.

“The gay community is going to love it – Abbe May sounds like kd lang who just swallowed a pint of Jim Bean and picked up a ukulele with a fuzz.”

Broad will feature their various hits and the girls will give the tunes a taste of their own styles. This one-night-only show will play in the Concert Hall this Sunday 19 August.

“This is the first time the show has played at the Opera House,” Conway said.

“It’s going to be such an inspirational night. It’s interesting how we all give each other’s songs something different.”

Conway said she hoped her strong and loyal gay and lesbian fan base would get behind this show and her fellow cast mates.

“I’ve been blessed to have so much support from the community – thank you. I really hope everyone can check out this show,” she said.

“The collaboration of all the different divas is going to be a unique experience. It’s a show based around serendipity and the audience is going to get a concert unlike any they’ve previously attended.

“Getting Broad up has taken so much of my time but I would like to write some more songs and get into the studio next. Hopefully there should be something out next year.”

Tickets start from $39. Bookings on 9250 7777.

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