Produced by new anti-gay coalition Gender Matters, 21 Reasons Why Gender Matters is a 24 page rant about why gay men are diseased, mentally deranged criminals. It is a hate document unprecedented in Australian history, centred around the thesis that the entire GLBT community suffers from a perverse mental disorder -” gender disorientation pathology.

What is gender disorientation pathology? It’s a completely made up illness. It’s not recognised by a peak health authority in the entire developed world. It wasn’t even in the DSM when homosexuality still was thirty years ago.

It’s also a theory that’s full of inconsistencies. The authors of 21 Reasons claim that if you’re a girl and are raped by a male you could become a lesbian, but if you’re a boy and are raped by a male you’ll turn out gay. They claim gay men have too many close relationships with women, yet simultaneously hate and fear them.

Apparently this pathology can be learned -” and teaching school kids to tolerate gay people will cause this mental plague to spread and multiply.

They even claim we’re responsible for the fall of the Roman Empire (despite it having Christianised when it fell), and that depression, suicide and substance abuse in the gay community are not symptoms of homophobia but of homosexuality itself.

According to 21 Reasons there’s also a thriving subculture of bug catchers in Australia despite only a handful of cases of intentional infection coming to light -” and these successfully prosecuted thanks to gay victims coming forward to put a stop to it.

Most disturbing though are claims about links between homosexuality and pedophilia from a group who’s motto is Protecting Innocent Children. From the statement that follows, it’s pretty obvious who they’re supposed to need protecting from: A recent review of the child molestation literature [sic] as it appears in medical and psychological journals concluded that between 25 and 40 percent of all recorded child molestation was homosexual -¦ homosexual pedophiles victimise far more children than do heterosexual pedophiles.

This recent review occurred in 1988 and was conducted by Paul Cameron, a doctor who’s praised the Nazis’ treatment of gays, who’s been thrown out of the American Psychological Association, and whose methods of deriving statistics have been shot to pieces under examination.

In fact Australian statistics gathered by the ABS show that sexual offences against girls vastly outnumber those against boys. Even in those cases, few offenders identify as gay and many pursue relationships with adult women in parallel with their crimes.

Tellingly, nearly all the facts and figures in 21 Reasons have been lifted secondhand from American ex-gay publications, almost none of the research mentioned is cited directly, and most deal with tiny studies that have little relevance to Australian experiences.

The saddest thing is that this document was put together by groups that enjoy charitable status in this country, and continue to receive generous tax exemptions.

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