My name is Chris Rouse, I’m 16 years old, I’m Christian (not Catholic), and I’m gay.

I would like to express my outrage at the talks you are holding regarding the healing of homosexuality. As a gay man I find it incredible the Catholic Church still believes in this day and age that it is a sin to be homosexual and more to the point that you maybe be somehow healed of your own sexuality.

Perhaps you will never understand, but sexuality whether by nature or nurture is a part of us, something that can’t be undone. Just as you didn’t decide to be heterosexual I didn’t decide to be homosexual, it is a part of me.

You are in a position of power and as far as I can see you have been propagating hate towards the homosexual community, instead of the love of God which extends to everyone including his family of gay, lesbian, bi, transgender people, whatever you are. The God that I believe in loves everyone -“ after all, he created us.

This belief that homosexuals are living this sick and perverted life of sin is also complete myth. How is love in any form perverted or sick? I am in a relationship, yet it is based on love, conversation and respect just like any heterosexual relationship. My sex life, just like anyone else’s, is private and none of your or the Church’s business.

You personally seem to make the gay community out as the evil in society. Perhaps, instead of shunning us from your Church, you should talk to gay, lesbian, bi or transgender people and realise that we are not evil and are no different from anyone else.

If your hatred is as deep-rooted as the media makes it out to be, then I hope God is with you to help you deal with this pain you obviously carry with you.

I send God’s love and a hug. If you ever wish to talk to a real life gay person, I am perfectly happy to have a conversation with you and debate the issue.


-” Chris Rouse, Teenature Gay and Lesbian Youth Support Groups coordinator

PS I realise my odds of receiving a reply given your treatment of gays and lesbians in the past. However, it is my deepest hope you read this email and some part of it reaches you. Also please don’t bother sending any info on how I can be saved. God loves me just as I am :)

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