Back In Business – City Gym

Back In Business – City Gym
Image: Photo: Ann-Marie Calilhanna

In 1986, Billy Kokkinis, 15, headed to City Gym for work experience. Flash forward a few decades, and he has taken over the business – determined to create a safe haven for the LGBTQI community. 

Billy said he could never have imagined the impacts of coronavirus. 

“We went from hero to zero… our revenue dropped 100 per cent,” he said. 

“We are happy to be open again, but it is a slow process because people are still scared… but our amazing renovations are attracting members old and new.” 

Billy said he felt like the government could have done more to support gyms, and other businesses, particularly as they had no option of income.

 But, he added, it made the right choice to prioritise the safety of residents.

“We are taking it seriously,” he said.

“We have hand sanitiser; we are doing temperature checks, we are going above and beyond.

“A lot of people have come back, which is great from a mental health perspective. Some were even crying because they were so happy to be able to come back.” 

Ph: 9360 6247

107 Crown St, Darlinghurst

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