Another successful BBQ for community health group

Another successful BBQ for community health group

thumbA new peer-support group for the LGBTI community in Brisbane, Rainbow OK?, held another highly successful barbecue late last month as part of its mission to spread awareness and provide support for people suffering from mental illness.

More than 50 people helped paint – or chalk – the New Farm Neighbourhood Centre a rainbow of colours as part of the popular DIY Rainbow movement. Rainbow OK? provides support and counselling to combat growing mental health issues in the community. It was set up three months ago by a group of likeminded people who were concerned that a large number of LGBTI community members had been lost to depression over a short period of time.

Regular barbecues and social events are one way in which the group hopes to spread its message – and judging by the turnout, it seems that message is already getting through.

“It was heartening to see people already waiting to come in when we arrived early to set up,” Rainbow OK? organiser Kobi Cooke said.

And it wasn’t just affiliates who got involved: many passers-by noticed the chalk rainbow being drawn and stopped to lend a hand, to the delight of the organisers.

“It was great to see others join us and help colour it in. It is wonderful to see something so simple, with such meaning to the LGBTIQ community, being respected by the wider community.” Sharon Malheron said.

Rainbow OK? will continue to host events throughout the year. For further information or to join the Facebook group, visit here.

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