Return To Service – Seddon Deadly Sins

Return To Service – Seddon Deadly Sins
Image: Photo: Daniel Spellman

Seddon Deadly Sins is a community focused café in the bustling inner west suburb of its name sake. Thinking back to the early days of the café, Co-owner Christopher Gooden tells Star Observer, “We’ve been here for about 18 years, which is a whole lifetime ago – back then Seddon was quite different place.

“It’s a great little neighbourhood, everyone knows everyone here. I came from a little country town called Wagga Wagga, and my parents were really involved in the community there. I wanted to recreate that sense in an urban environment.”

Like all other hospitality business, the café has experienced significant hardship, but Christopher made the decision to remain open over recent months

“We thought it was important to stay open, to just do takeaways and to offer affordable take home meals as a way of engaging with our customer base.

“We wanted people to be able to still walk to the local shop and get something to eat,” Christopher continues. “Our philosophy is no delivered food, we don’t agree with a multinational charging a business 35 percent and then paying a delivery driver $9 an hour.”

 With restrictions on hospitality venues returning, Christopher remains optimistic

“There are still so many people working from home, it’s still really important for them to just come in and grab a coffee in the morning, and to have that five minutes of actual interaction with another human – that cements our place in community, and we feed off it to.

“We are really thankful to those that have helped us get through this. To our regulars and locals, thank you for sticking by us when all we could make was bacon and egg rolls.”

As restrictions return Christopher and the team at Seddon Deadly Sins will be continuing to offer their full menu via takeaway.

Ph: 9689 3092 

148 Victoria St, Seddon.

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