Gay Activist Shot, Set Ablaze In Brazil

Gay Activist Shot, Set Ablaze In Brazil

The body of a 25-year-old teacher, Professor Lindolfo Kosmaski, who was active in his local LGBTQI community was found on April 30th, shot and burnt alive in his car in São João do Triunfo in the southern region of Brazil, in what locals suspect was a hate crime.

The local police have arrested three suspects, aged 20, 33, and 39 years old. The police have confirmed that accused were known to the victim, who was allegedly shot twice while tied down with ropes and left inside his burning vehicle.

However, what is most gruesome is that police are yet to conclude whether Kosmaski died from his gunshot wounds or the fire.

“We will have several other stages of data analysis, which is a more technological stage, in order to bring together all the elements necessary to hold those responsible for this nefarious crime to account,” Michel Leite Pereira da Silva, the police officer investigating the case, told Globo.

Activist Had Received Death Threats

According to his cousin, on the night of his disappearance, Kosmaski was last spotted in a bar in Coxilhão where he paid for a round of beer before he suddenly left the venue, leaving his cell phone at the establishment.

Speaking with local media, his cousin confirmed that Kosmaski had “received death threats days before he was murdered.”

An active participant in the Landless LGBT Collective and the Agroecology Days, Kosmaski was also a member of the Marxist group the Brazilian Landless Rural Workers’ Movement.

The group demanded in a statement that “the appropriate entities move quickly to investigate and find those responsible for this heinous crime.”

“He was a person known for affection and care; with a frank smile and an open heart, with a cheerful look, that captivate hugs and love. One of those beings who roam the world with a pounding heart, open to the challenge of learning, teaching and sharing and who wanted to make a difference in the world.”

The statement added that they are committed to fighting for a society “without LGBTphobia, where all types of love are respected and protected. LGBT blood is also Landless blood.”

A Teacher and An Activist

A valued member of his community, at the time of his death Kosmask was teaching in four different schools in the Paraná State Education Network.  Kosmaski had also run as a candidate for the City Council of São João do Triunfo on the Workers’ Party ticket in 2020 but failed in his bid to get elected.

A detailed probe on the matter is now underway as authorities look too sure up the motive behind the odious killing.


If you feel distressed reading the story, you can reach out to support services.

For 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention call Lifeline on 13 11 14

For Australia-wide LGBTQI peer support call QLife on 1800 184 527 or webchat.










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