A time to stop and reflect

A time to stop and reflect

On 20 May we have another visit from a Scorpio full moon. This is the second one in a month. Being in Scorpio is not a favourable position for the moon because Scorpio is an intense sign. The moon represents feeling so this alignment will get us in touch with our emotions in a very intense way.

This could have adverse effects such as an explosive temper but if we repress ourselves this can have a negative effect on our health.

To add fuel to the fire, Mars left nurturing Cancer on 10 May and went into fiery Leo. With this placement, Leo adds to Mars’s direct approach and determination.

There’s one last thing to mention: also on 10 May, Jupiter in Capricorn went into retrograde. Normally Jupiter is a positive influence but when it goes retrograde it’s a time for reflection. You will want to evaluate your direction and philosophy towards life. You may also want to look at the kind of people you attract in your life and what benefit they serve in relation to where you are at now. Overall this will be a roller coaster ride so just enjoy the process.


There is a desperate need for you to transform. You have reached a point where things need to change and in the future they will need to change again but, for now, focus your efforts on what it takes to evolve. Are you truly happy? If the answer is no, then what will it take to get happy and are you willing to do it?


Who are you? Tough question, isn’t it? It’s one that will bring more questions and these will act as catalysts to self-discovery. Once you have discovered who you are, then people will be able to see you clearly. This is important where relationships are concerned, especially when you want people to see the real you.


You want to make your mark on the world and have felt stifled doing so. Start by impressing yourself first and giving yourself credit for past successes. There is an imbalance between your subconscious and your ego and this could be causing restlessness so work on bridging the gap.


Do you believe you are a unique individual with something special to offer? This week will help you with that question. Part of your personal development involves standing up to be counted. No more insecurity, no more wallflower. Assert yourself within your groups and feel good about who you are.


Pay attention to what your body is telling you. It’s important for you to reach a comfortable place with all that’s going on for you including your self-esteem, your career and your sense of security. When your pride is affected it filters through to your whole being and can manifest itself physically. Nothing is more important than your health.


Communicate your feelings and open yourself up for examination. It’s in your nature to be overly critical so you are advised to examine as gently as possible, leaving judgment out of it. This exercise is purely there to take an innocent look at how you are functioning. From that you can incorporate improvement.


Let go of assumptions, expectations and na? beliefs. This week is for dealing with reality and putting things into perspective. You can otherwise be led falsely into a situation which will make it hard to rectify when you’ve gone too far. Mars in Leo will boost your leadership abilities.


Much like your cousin Cancer, it’s a question of individuality. Can you maintain your sense of self in your relationships and your networks? Have you worked out who you are and what you are capable of? Remain open to information that will help to answer these questions.


After this full moon you may find what you’ve been looking for in terms of how to proceed. All of the important factors are there, such as drive, determination and belief in your talents; it’s the unknown factor that’s impeding you. Take comfort that once it’s known, nothing can stop you.


Being overly concerned with everyone else’s happiness can leave you feeling empty. Continuing to please the crowd and not relaxing into your own skin can cause further complications. The same result can occur if you don’t care enough. That being said, it all points to balance. You can have both.


How do you feel about your position in life? Before you make any concrete decisions, we are only in May so there’s more to come. So much will have happened for you already, which has constantly changed your opinion, leaving you a little uncertain. In all of this the one thing you have control over is you.


This week brings a culmination of something wonderful to do with your development. A busy social calendar, friends galore and more importantly a newfound love of freedom are helping you to discover a different person. You may have had these things before and wondered where they went. Wonder no more.

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