Indigo Girls rocking into town

Indigo Girls rocking into town

The world’s most popular female folk/rock duo, Indigo Girls, are heading to Australia.

Emily Saliers and Amy Ray will return to our shores for their third Australasian tour in October and will play Sydney in November, showcasing songs from their latest studio album, Despite Our Differences.

Making this record was really different for us, Saliers said.

We were all in the same room together: Amy and I at producer Mitchell Froom’s home studio with engineer, David Boucher, and the band.

It was like a little family experience, which is really, really different from being in a huge, cold studio where everyone’s isolated.

And there was a really strong trust factor with Mitchell. He has a great musical ear, particularly for harmonies and things like that. If he heard a note that didn’t sit well with him, he’d tell us. It was a real exchange.

The band has long been a favourite on the lesbian circuit and in two decades together has notched up seven Grammy nominations and more than 12 million album sales.

Despite the group’s successes and undoubted performance ability, Ray said recording Despite Our Differences still presented a challenge.

We felt intimidated by Mitchell’s abilities, Ray said.

To go in and just put ourselves out there and trust that he’s going to take it and work with it -“ that felt like a risk, but in a good way.

It’s nice to get your adrenaline up. At this age you really have to keep trying things you haven’t done.

Indigo Girls play the Enmore Theatre on 6 November. Tickets start at $79.90. Bookings: Enmore Theatre 9550 3666 , Ticketek 132 849,

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