Jupiter and Pluto opposing Mars

Jupiter and Pluto opposing Mars

The God of the Underworld, Pluto, is still hanging out with the God of Social Justice, Jupiter. However, they are creating a bit of friction with the God of War, Mars, who is opposing them and is still in retrograde.

So Pluto and Jupiter want to make huge global humanitarian changes but Mars is saying, Let’s not take action just yet. Let’s think about it and talk more.

This is especially so since Mars moved from feeling Cancer into chatty Gemini on 1 January. Hopefully motherly Cancer has nurtured Mars over this time to become a bit more feeling, which our planet desperately needs.

Mars’s action-packed attitude will start to pick up again at the beginning of February and Pluto changes sign on 26 January into responsible Capricorn so hopefully in 2008 we will see more social responsibility globally.


Feeling moves to thought this week, bringing parts of your being into focus and alignment. Career remains strong in your chart and this is where your energy will be needed. Put this at the top of the priority list and attain resolution -“ the rest will come after that. The important people in your life will understand should they feel neglected.


Your beliefs will take a more philosophical point of view as you are receiving an education in life. There is constant learning in life but this learning process will equip you with very important tools to use, to move forward. Life will get a little easier.


Mars retrograding back to your sign urges you to gain an understanding of your passion, drive, will and determination. This is all part of the process that started at the end of last year. Continue to shape and design the new you and set things the way you want them and the way you want yourself to be.


The focus has changed from the relationship between your individuality and service to others, to your subconscious and service to others. There needs to be a bridge between the two and that’s where the heavens are helping you. Reflect and become comfortable before taking action.


You’ve had time and experience lately to see what you are capable of when expressing yourself. Now it’s time to relay that to your networks and friends. Being the Lion, you have a lot of authority, but you’ve just needed to get used to it. Aim for win/ win situations, or be as constructive as you can.


Work versus play. Your opportunity to balance these is the current astro climate. More play in everyone’s life is important as it makes the work aspect easier. The best method to use is incorporating both. However, a break away from the work scene may recharge your batteries if need be.


Your philosophy on security and the past has been transforming for a while. However, the present moment shows that this is happening on a grand scale. Confusion would be prevalent and there will be a degree of emotional turmoil. Take comfort that it’s a very natural process and can only benefit you in the long run.


Communication in all forms will hold influence in different social circles. The core of your influence will depend on what you hold dear and feel passionate about. When given a chance to be heard like this, you can repel as many as you attract. Be mindful of what you want to achieve and why.


Relationships could be tested as you may feel cocky or superior in your relatively new skin. Your ego can get out of control if you let it, so keep drifting on your high, but spare a thought for those not on your level. You’ll need to come back to Earth to match the same level as others.


In a few weeks Mars will go forward in your relationship zone, heating things up a little. Until that time, keep your focus on yourself and your needs. Venus is in your subconscious zone so your dreams may even be about romance and so on. Stay grounded for now.


A lot of ideas and creative expressions will be flowing for you. They won’t be the usual kind as these ones are coming from a source of inspiration in your subconscious. Draw from your dreams and intuition for the best way to proceed.


Your friends and groups are somehow impacting your creativity and self-expression. It could be that you have to lead by example and are being questioned every step of the way or you are receiving tremendous support and impacting your groups and friends. Either way it’s advantageous.

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