Marriage ‘next step’

Marriage ‘next step’

The announcement the Federal Government will not grant recognition for same-sex marriages has sparked criticism its planned legislative ammendments are not going far enough.

Lobby group Australian Marriage Equality has criticised the Rudd Government for not pushing to incorporate changes to same-sex marriage entitlements in its plans.

The Rudd Government’s policy to recognise same-sex relationships through state-based registers may have the blessing of anti-gay hate groups like the Christian Lobby, but it does not grant same-sex couples the dignity and equality they deserve, AME convener Peter Furness said.

If the Government or its supporters claim that today’s announcement delivers equality, they are being dishonest.

Grayndler MP Anthony Albanese said the push for state registers would suffice. I believe relationship recognition is important and I support the states moving on relationship registers, he said.

The feedback I’ve been gettting from the average person on the street has been about wanting change in those practical areas like superannuation and taxation.

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