On ya, SLAGS

On ya, SLAGS

If you’re a soccer fan, it’s time to stand up and have yourself counted as one of the SLAGS.

The Sydney Lesbian and Gay Supporters football fan group is looking for new members to join their ranks and take advantage of discount group seating prices at Moore Park Stadium.

SLAGS organisers Joseph Roppolo and Jon Bastin currently have 10 people interested in getting together for some rowdy football watching but are looking for many more to join the social atmosphere.

Once numbers reach a minimum of 15 participants, Roppolo and Bastin will begin organising discounted group tickets. The 10-game season passes will cost $209 a head.

I think there are a lot of gay and lesbian soccer fans out there, but maybe they’re a bit in the closet about it, Bastin said.

Soccer has this image of being a bit of a hard sport to watch. A lot of the chants can be racist or homophobic and I think our going as a group is not only a good way to deal with that, but challenge it as well.

The SLAGS have already managed to convince the largest Sydney Football Club supporters group, The Cove, to add a point into their charter of conduct about not tolerating homophobic chants and slurs.

GLBT and GLBT-friendly people looking to join SLAGS this season can contact Jon on 0402 427 614 or Joseph on 0408 444 892. A season pass costs $209, though you are welcome to join the group for individual matches.

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