Queer Eye guys crowned after giving Yass a mini-makeover

Queer Eye guys crowned after giving Yass a mini-makeover
Image: Bobby, Antoni, Tan, Yass mayor Rowena Abbey, Karamo and Jonathan. Image: Netflix / supplied.

The Queer Eye team has given the NSW town of Yass a whirlwind zhoosh as part of their Australian stopover promoting the show’s upcoming second season.

The crew were even honoured with a coronation, with the town’s mayor officially deigning them ‘Yass Queens’.

As part of their visit, Jonathan, Karamo and Tan took local cattle farmer George under their wings, and the ever-prolific Bobby gave the local pub’s bistro a fabulous renovation

The Club House Hotel also got a special signature dish added to its menu courtesy of food hunk Antoni.

The mini-episode will premiere on Queer Eye‘s social channels on June 22, a week after the new season hits Netflix.

The show’s second season finds the guys back in America’s south, returning to Georgia to make-better a new group of subjects across eight episodes.

The first season premiered earlier this year and has become a sensation thanks to its message of positivity, self-care and self-love.

Yass’s name has been a beloved element of country Australia road trips for years, with its billboards going viral in recent years for its matching of the queer slang ‘yas’ (or ‘yaaaaaaaaaaas’, depending on exactly how excited you are) – which is why the QE gang chose to visit.

‘Yas’ itself can be traced back to the ballroom scene in the 1980s – and likely earlier – where it became a way for queer people of colour to express support and inclusion.

More recently, it has been popularised and spread into the mainstream through RuPaul’s Drag RaceBroad City and now Queer Eye.

The town’s name is believed to have been derived from “Yhar”, an Aboriginal word meaning running water.

The second season of Queer Eye premieres on Netflix on June 15.

Check out our photos from 2016’s Yass! Pride March After Party.

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